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  1. Sharon

    Tested Katchkans Butterfly and Roses Shawl

    When will the pattern be for sale?
  2. Sharon

    Free - Race for the Cure Bracelet Purse Pattern

    Here is a pattern very similar, and it gives the exact pattern too. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=9776
  3. Hobby Lobby in West Bend is on the corner of Paradise and Main, right off Hwy 45.
  4. Sharon

    hands hurt

    I have already made my own handles out of Crayola Model magic, or clover hooks. But my favorite by far is the chunky #6 handle that Jimbo carved me.
  5. Sharon

    handle with four hooks

    I hope you will be selling them for a while! I cash my change can in in April. It's pretty heavy already!
  6. Sharon

    Bernat Survey

    I have had my books for a while. Only took about 4 days.
  7. Sharon

    My March 2006 Table

    Mary Jo, Awesome as usual!
  8. Hmm, where exactly are you? I am North of Milwaukee too, in Washington County.
  9. Sharon

    What kind of yarn?

    Thanks! I figured it out it was Brunswick Pearl, which is 12% cotton. I burned it and although it did hold a flame, it melted. It was a plain white label but it did have codes. I just did a google for "yarn shade"and the number and it came up.
  10. Sharon

    What kind of yarn?

    What will cotton do? I got some mystery balls of sock yarn today.
  11. Sharon

    Tested Opal Pineapple & Rose Doily

    That is awesome!!
  12. Sharon

    handle with four hooks

    Can you please tell me the circumference of the handle is? Thank you!
  13. Sharon

    A hug for Shane

    Very pretty Elizabeth! What a nice thing to do.
  14. Sharon

    Vee Socks for Me Socks

    Great socks Deneen! Thanks for the pattern Kimberly! Another one for my list!
  15. Boy this is making me crazy!!!!