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  1. Here is a pattern very similar, and it gives the exact pattern too. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=9776
  2. Hobby Lobby in West Bend is on the corner of Paradise and Main, right off Hwy 45.
  3. Sharon

    hands hurt

    I have already made my own handles out of Crayola Model magic, or clover hooks. But my favorite by far is the chunky #6 handle that Jimbo carved me.
  4. I hope you will be selling them for a while! I cash my change can in in April. It's pretty heavy already!
  5. I have had my books for a while. Only took about 4 days.
  6. Mary Jo, Awesome as usual!
  7. Hmm, where exactly are you? I am North of Milwaukee too, in Washington County.
  8. Thanks! I figured it out it was Brunswick Pearl, which is 12% cotton. I burned it and although it did hold a flame, it melted. It was a plain white label but it did have codes. I just did a google for "yarn shade"and the number and it came up.
  9. What will cotton do? I got some mystery balls of sock yarn today.
  10. Can you please tell me the circumference of the handle is? Thank you!
  11. Very pretty Elizabeth! What a nice thing to do.
  12. Great socks Deneen! Thanks for the pattern Kimberly! Another one for my list!
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