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  1. I am definitely planning to be there! It starts the day after my birthday, so I'll be there to celebrate. It will be my 1st CGOA Conference, and I am very excited! I will probably be helping with the Crochet Liberation Front booth, but will let you know if it looks like I have some time to volunteer. I am looking forward to meeting people IRL.
  2. I do most of my toys with cotton, I like that it's washable and still a natural fiber. But then I don't do many dolls and such.
  3. Which do you prefer when crocheting with beads? To prethread all the beads onto your yarn/thread/wire? Or use a small hook to add beads as needed? And why? Do you like the way one looks more than the other? I have always prethreaded because that's how I was 1st taught, and really prefer how it looks. But I know it's hard if you don't know how many you need and extra work if it's a lot of beads. So I was just curious what other people's preference is?
  4. I haven't even started. I was waiting until I took a Foundations class at the CLF crochet retreat this week so now I'm more confident to get started with those foundation stitches. I was looking at the CYC program, but have been teaching for so long not sure I see the point for myself.
  5. Ah see now, I can never seem to bring myself to pull out all those stitches and frog a nice piece of fabric I've made, even if I'll never use it. So this is the perfect outlet for me. Read my blog post about how the kids at the festival made it into a sort of self directed scavenger hunt. The people who were excited about the yarn bombs around town were actually the non-yarny people. It even made the paper (with the picture of the little girl, whose sweater was also a UFO left from my mother's stash, she just never sewed up the sleaves), and the local business association specifically requested I leave a few of them up. I was just kind of surprised that all the comments here were so negative, because I've seen soo much enthusiasm for it elsewhere. But of course, to each their own. My thought for next year is to take some of the squares we will be collecting for my blanket project, sew them into strips to put on trees just to show off for the festival, and then take them down (wash them thoroughly), and sew them into blankets to donate.... Kill 2 birds with 1 stone, and still give to a good cause!
  6. Wow! I'm amazed noone chimed in to support Yarn Bombing. I just did my first installation last month for our town's 1st Fiber Arts Festival, and there are still a few small pieces around town. I totally agree that I have many other things I would rather spend my crochet time on. But every one of my yarn bombs were made using Unfinished Objects, including some sweater sleaves and parts of blankets that were given to me or came in bags from garage sales, which were all just taking up space in my stash. So yarn bombing can actually be an excellent way to show off all that work that went into a project you never plan to finish! I read somewhere that Yarn Bombing started as a way to use UFOs, and if you think of it that way, it's not a waste at all. Here's my blog post about our yarn bomb experience: http://rememberingrowan.blogspot.com/2011/08/foray-into-yarn-bombing.html
  7. I see most of the posts are pretty old in this thread. Anyone working on it now? I ordered it a month or two ago, but have not really started yet (thank goodness they removed the 3 month deadline). But I am hoping to get going soon. Would love some company!
  8. Ooh, I am! And pretty much speachless! Thanks Kathy!
  9. Woah! I just heard that my Mystery Machine Afghan got "The People's Choice Award". *blink, blink* Is this true?
  10. Here is a link to 1st version I made for my son. The version I entered was basically the same but without the brocoli and tomato plants. http://rememberingrowan.blogspot.com/2009/04/griffins-crocheted-garden.html And here is the Mystery Machine as it was for my son's Birthday, with an open Window so the kids could pose for pictures: And the final version with all the characters in the window:
  11. Wow. Thanks so much for the report! I've been dying to hear how things went. Wish I could be there!
  12. This was my first time entering anything like this, and I'm totally blown away that both my items placed 3rd in 'Small Wonders' and 1st in 'Afghans'! I totally know what you mean about your feet not touching the ground!
  13. Check out the latest square for our Crochet Along! Check it out and discover why these are Katherine Wheels, instead of Catherine. With a bunch of new followers from Diaperswappers and Ravelry in the past couple weeks I have at least 20 people participating in my Crochet Along from as far away as Germany.
  14. :cheerGlad you got it figured out! The colors sound lovely. Say, do you mind giving your first name so I can add you to the list of participants? I just like to show how many people are participating.
  15. The NICUs I have donated to said as small as 12" x 12" blankets for the preemies. Does someone have a link to the round ripple pattern? Thanks!
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