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  1. I just finished my first doily. I used #10 cotton thread and it turned out to be around 5-6 inches in diameter. What now? Do I to block/ starch it? I've never done either of these before, so an explanation would be fantastic! Thanks in advance
  2. The pattern is here: http://www.crochet-world.com/newsletters.php?mode=article&article_id=2408 I've never measured gauge for a hat before, so any tips on how to do this would be appreciated
  3. I'm going to make a hat, and the pattern says: 6 post stitches = 2 inches. How do I make and measure that? Also, do I need to do anything else to the swatch before measuring (like washing it)? Thanks!!
  4. I was thinking of making this cat amigurumi: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/amineko-crocheted-cat The pattern says to use light fingering weight yarn, but I was wondering how it might turn out if I used worsted weight yarn. Would it look the same, just bigger? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for your input I was just browsing and got curious. I totally get how that would be inconsiderate.
  6. What about that waterproof spray they sell for your shoes in the winter? I'm not sure if that would work or not.... You could also make it from the "grocery bag yarn," if that's the look you're going for.
  7. I was just wondering what everyone thought about it. For example, you see a pattern for sale, don't buy it, but make a look-alike item yourself and offer your pattern of it for free?
  8. I've just started knitting, and I'm sort of confused. If the pattern doesn't specify, how do you know whether to use straight needles or double pointed needles? I'm mostly looking at stuffed animals, if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance!!
  9. If you are going to teach to teach yourself to knit, take a look at Lion Brand Yarn's learn to knit: http://cache.lionbrand.com/cgi-bin/faq-search.cgi?store=/stores/eyarn&learnToKnit=1&utm_source=Learning-Center&utm_medium=Learn-Knit&utm_campaign=TopNav It really helps if you like the directions written out (like me), plus the diagrams were great. They helped me a lot more then photos. Also, they have videos too!! If you ever get stuck with any of it (instructions, patterns,...) they are very helpful!! Good luck!!
  10. For broomstick lace, you can use anything that will give you the size loops you want. I've been making bracelets with thread using this stitch, and I didn't have any knitting needles, so I ended up using hot glue sticks . Anything round ( or even square!) will work, just be creative I think that each time you add a loop, pull it snug. That way nothing is TOO tight. Good luck!!
  11. I started a thread and some one suggested I move it to bead crochet and I might get more replies. How do I do that (or can I)? Thanks!!
  12. Yeah, I think make it, but I don't know how to "set up" the stitches. All I could find were people selling the tutorials. Thanks again!!
  13. This is what I was talking about: http://studiodax.wordpress.com/2011/03/09/the-bead-crochet-jig/
  14. It seems like a really good idea, if it will work. It looks like I could make my own version (jump rings and ? for the base), except I have no clue how to use it. Any tips? Thanks!!
  15. I was wondering...... how do you use the patterns for beaded ropes? I saw one but I have no clue how to read it. Which way do you string on the beads? Also, can I make my own patterns? Thanks!!!
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