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  1. It is gorgeous
  2. Lovely
  3. She loved it - I did it in pink but instead of a pompom I did a little flower on the end - thanks so much for the pattern
  4. thanks DeLeewit - your freeform is an inspiration
  5. The blanket is gorgeous! Just had a look at your blog and I love the pillows and the pink cardigan
  6. thanks for that AmyS! - great idea - That would be a good way to do it for something to wear.
  7. Thanks for that I understand what you are saying - I wasn't sure about what to do if you wanted to do say a wall hanging. I think I'll do it with separate pieces and then join up
  8. In freeform, do you crochet the pieces individually and then join up or do you have a 'base' crocheted and then crochet individual pieces on top? I quite fancy giving it a try sometime and wondered about this. Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks for this - my friend is due her baby any day now so think I may rustle one of these up tonight!
  10. Hi from Scotland
  11. Hi!
  12. Hi mutter thanks for your welcome - we are both newbies together
  13. Thank you for the warm welcome girls!
  14. Hi Everyone I've been crocheting for a while but being self taught I only really use certain stitches so am so glad I found this site and can maybe try out some new stitches and techniques! I'm in the UK (Scotland). It is so good to find a site like this! mich