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  1. Brae, those colors sound lovely! Could we see pics of the mushroom/buff when you're done?
  2. Yesterday I picked up some Lion Homespun in Antique. It is a beautiful raspberry-ish color, with hints of a rich blue. I'm excited to try it.
  3. Carol, I love some of those color combinations! Olive green and dark purple! Yellow/orange/green! They sound beautiful! Thanks for the hints...I too prefer brights over pastels. Yelutci, I like your ideas too.
  4. In my opinion, pulling pants straight off a baby (esp. if they have a lot of "give"), is just as easy, maybe easier even, than undoing snaps or buttons. JHMO. Good luck!
  5. I'm about to make a baby sweater (Baby It's Cold Outside from Crochetme.com) and I'm just looking for ideas and others' thoughts. What do you think looks nice on a baby of either sex? Sometimes I think pastel yellow or green just doesn't look that great, even though they're popular gift colors when you don't know the baby's sex. I'd like to branch out a little!
  6. Wow! My DS, also breastfeeding, is 2 yrs. and only 24 lbs...he is tall and skinny. Congrats on breastfeeding...it's great for the kiddo. Ahem, anyhow...love the sageghan!
  7. Hello from a "neighbor" in Wisconsin!
  8. Glad to see this thread is still alive and well. I have the yarn for the bubble suit (isn't that a hilarious name?). I'm going to do the top part in a variegated white/yellow/green (pastels) and the bottom in a pretty limeade green shade. It all reminds me of lemons and limes! I'm hoping to start in the next day or two.
  9. Oh my goodness, I have a total newbie compared to all of you. Sorry, can't help ya out.
  10. Hi Stacy! I'm in Green Bay. It's always nice to see other Wisconsinites here.
  11. I think I will join you. Lately I've been making chemo caps. Our church collects them and donates them to the cancer center at a local hospital.
  12. Welcome, mom4x, to our CAL and to Crochetville!
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