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  1. Rippleaddiction, I just started mine, albeit a month later than you asked! Are you still working on it? There's a CAL that started recently for this in Ravelry. Here's a link: http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/afghans--blankets/1510940/1-25 There have been some helpful comments so far, though no one's posted much since I posted a few times trying to work out my confusion, heh.
  2. I never have the patience to do a single stitch on a whole blanket like that, but that is really pretty like that! It looks like your stitches are very even; I could see that as an accent in a home magazine or something.
  3. That is just lovely! it reminds me of home, because we have a ripple blanket in similar colors that's holding up a blanket fort right now
  4. I don't have a flikr account so it doesn't let me look at it but I would like to say that I'm almost certain that the rectangular kleenex boxes have gotten much bigger over the years, so sight unseen I wouldn't necessarily rule out a tissue box cover! edited for redundancy. *sheepish*
  5. Thanks everyone! I left out personal stuff--I'm a mom from Pittsburgh, PA.
  6. Hello! I found crochetville after seeing miss_crochet's gorgeous Realta afghan (http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=126192) on Ravelry. My mother and grandmother have been crocheting for most of their lives; my grandmother used to cut up her old bread wrappers and sort them by color, slip knot them together, and use the result to crochet circular mats for the kitchen and bathroom (I've gotta rustle up a picture, even though bread wrappers are nowhere near as varied and bright as they used to be!). As for me, it took me until my 30's before I was able to really get crochet--before then, I had two left hands, so to speak. As a cross-stitch and quilt lady, I'm pretty excited to find that I love crochet so much, because that opens up a whole realm of things to make and enjoy! Right now I'm working on the Dusty Snowflake throw (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/snowflakes-throw) as well as using some online tutorials to teach myself broomstick lace, because a) I'm crazy, and b) I never do anything by halves, hah. I want to compliment you guys on the most easy to use and comfy feeling forum I've ever visited! I suspect I'm going to make this a daily visit. I look forward to learning my way around (and figuring out the bag lady thing! That looks intriguing).
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