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  1. I'm in Northwest Ga, Ringold Catoosa County
  2. I from Northwest GA. We have lived here a little over a year and love it... What part are you from?? Karen
  3. That is Beautiful!! The colors are just perfect together!!
  4. I would love a chance at that beautiful bag!!! I also love Halloween! :)Thank you
  5. WOW Everything is beautiful!! You do beautiful work...Love the White Blanket actually I can't pick a favorite... Beautiful Beautiful!!
  6. Hi From Georgia, Lived in Rhode for 15 years... Let me check my hooks... I have a ton a neighbor had that gave to me ...I just might have what your looking for. It will take a few days of looking as we just moved here to GA. Welcome to the group Karen
  7. This is about 5 mins from me....I will get working on some blankets and hats...WOW so surprising to see something this close to home..
  8. I would be happy to send you a couple of blankets I have made, Could I have your addy please! Karen
  9. My squares are going out in todays mail...I am so sorry to hear more bad news...I Know what you are going through ...My mom was diagnoised with stage 2 lung cancer a little over 2 years ago...Some of it had spread to her brain and the did radiation (her worst fear lossing her hair happened) but she is still with us today...They found that it had spread a little more and ant to now do another round of Chemo ... Your Family is in my thoughts and Prayers Hugs Karen
  10. I Love the color!! You did a fantastic job!!!
  11. Have mine ready for the PO ...It is closed today but they have the Ship machine so I will be mailing them in a little while... Hope they are ok Hugs Karen
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