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  1. Inbetween everything else...I am going to try and make a few scarfs for you... Do you still want them now with summer on the way???
  2. Everyones round ripple is Beautiful....Have been busy making sqaures but need to get back to these I have so many i need to do Will take a picture of mine today for sure Karen
  3. Everyones RR are so pretty!!! I need to take a picture of mine....Inbetween working on RR's i am also trying to get some squares made for some of the charity's... Karen
  4. Those are so pretty Shaylen and GrandmaB ...Will you share how you did that
  5. Hi ill join i just started one for my granddaughter in the Bernat Camo Pink I'll take a picture later today I want to try and make 9 for all the grandkids....SO i will be here a while.. Karen
  6. Krystal here the the squares i mailed out to you today.... Hope these are ok Thanks so much for all your hard working and putting this together Karen
  7. Krystal I would be happy to do some squares up for Jess and the girls...Could you pm me your addy and i will get them out to you by monday!! Karen
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