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  1. I got on Annie's site and there was a section about 'infringement /copyright'. So I sent them URL for the Esty shop and explained that I recognized the pictures as I have them in the publications that I have at home as I used to subscribe to them. So, it's in their hands now. I've seen the actual books for sale, but not individual ones as PDF.
  2. I 'booked marked' that site.... she is selling them as PDF Download. I have these books which is why I recognized the pictures. AND if she's selling as PDF Download, then it is illegal, right???
  3. So I was searching for afghan ideas for a 7-8 year old boy. On an Esty Shop, came across pattern pages for sale from Annie's Crochet/Pattern Books that date back to the late 1970's at $3.00 each. Isn't this illegal??
  4. I finished up the CGOA Sticthes and Techinques program (which I'm waiting on the okay to mail in), there is no 'half single crochet stich' there. If there were one, I'm sure it would be included. SO I tend to agree with the other ladies, slip stitch.
  5. I'm a lefty when it comes to crocheting, eating and writing. Other than that, I can pretty much to anything with either hand.
  6. All the afghans came out beautiful!! 80 people!! WOW! I see that the package is at her post office and just needs to be picked up. I think the timing worked out well,...seeing that the there is a service this weekend? Her and the girls will be so delighted with everything. Great job to take it all on!
  7. I forgot to put a lable on each of my 3 squares. DUH!! I'm sorry,
  8. I sent out 3 today, one for each. Then after I got home, I forgot to put in a couple bucks to help you pay for the postage. I'll try and send you something this week.
  9. Please do count me me! I have some of the colors mentioned plus some bright colors as well.
  10. Awesome!! Love the dog in the picture too!! I'm jealous, I can follow a printed pattern, but to come up with my own - no chance.
  11. Beagle :dog to the rescue!!! http://crochet.about.com/od/petpatterns/tp/dogfashions.htm http://www.doggoneknit.com/patterns/crochet/onepiecesolid.html http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/household.html#pets - not sure you might have to scroll down to the 'pet' section. http://www.sheltersource.org/free_crafts.htm http://www.sewing.org/enthusiast/html/e_paw_protectors_boots.html boots are sewed - but you probably could make up a pattern in SC easy enough.
  12. YAY LEFTIES! Know the little ditty: If the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, then.............left handed people are in their right minds!
  13. I HAVE to crochet, eat, write - lefty. I can cut with a knife, iron wth either hand. Dial a phone and calculator - righty.
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