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  1. Omomplease

    groovyghan help

    Don't forget to post pics of your finished ghan! Angela
  2. Omomplease

    Love stitches Afghan

    That is fabulous! You did a great job, and YES I would post the "pattern" on original patterns.... I would be interested! It's great. Angela
  3. Omomplease

    Yarn Clouds Square (12"hx12"w inches)

    This is beautiful! I don't know how you can create the patterns... it's fantastic! Angela
  4. Omomplease

    Just Thinking

    Fries... I know i have heard of that but can't remember where it is.... I am in Covington. Angela
  5. Omomplease

    Better Homes and Garden Granny Square Sampler

    This is very very nice, I love the bold colors... For a first project you really took a leap! It's beautiful. Angela
  6. Omomplease

    Very bright Groovyghan

    Debbie I wonder how many people had to go back to the original post and re-look at the edging! I know I did and I agree, it's excellent, the whole ghan is wonderful... Angela
  7. Omomplease

    Hooray! I finished a full sized ripple!!

    That is so beautiful... and it would fit nicely in my bedroom! LOL Love the colors and thanks for the pattern link. Angela
  8. Omomplease

    I'm new and need help reading patterns!

    Hello Brittany: I think you can add a color - it would look ok.. in fact there are patterns just like you describe where colors are changed a few times in the scarf.... it will be ok. There is a thread here on abbreviations, but if you let us know what they are I am sure someone would help you figure it out... Angela
  9. Omomplease

    Just Thinking

    I joined crochetville maybe a week or so ago, but didn't introduce myself.... I am slowly closing in on 50 and have crocheted since making my first afghan in 8th grade (yes they made yarn back then ). Where I live (rural VA) we can only buy yarn at Wal-mart. I do travel every so often and can get to Michael's, AC Moore, and occasionally Ben Franklin. I love crochet, my favorite thing to make is afghans. I have posted a couple pics, and hope to post more. That is about all... I like it so far. Angela
  10. Omomplease

    Pool Purse!!!!!

    That is really cool... nice colors. I do wonder if you would like it better if lined because you might have small items that slip thru... for example coins... anyway just a thought... It's very nice though... Angela
  11. Omomplease

    Daisy Square yay!

    Thanks, I will email Krystal, I did also get the pattern from the tutorial. I am loving it. My daughter wants me to make an afghan for her friends b-day, so we are doing black centers, white petals, red background and black border... maybe not my choice but what the daughter picked out. Apparently Red is the friend's fav color. It does look pretty good. Thanks Angela
  12. Omomplease


    Thanks for the compliments everyone! No the third one is a granny stripe, meaning it's the same set of stitches like in the granny square, but worked back and forth like a regular afghan... I found the free pattern on the web, but can't remember the exact site now. You can google granny stripe afghan... Angela
  13. This square is pretty amazing... very very nice! Angela
  14. Omomplease

    Realta Afghan

    Wow, that is fantastic. I love to crochet, but design... wow... Angela
  15. Omomplease


    I thought I would post some pics of things made. JMU stripe and Pokey Dots were done this calendar year. Granny stripe was done last fall. Pics were taken with my phone.... not as good as it could be. Angela Thanks for looking!