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  1. will keep an eye out here and see if any of the stores have any left in stock that they are getting rid of
  2. kisha29

    Toddler Robe

    thanks she was being a ham for me when I took this. :D
  3. kisha29

    Toddler Robe

    No it was actually pretty easy to make. I'm thinking of making another one for her in a different color or just to make another one. :lol The only hard part for me is the hood. I couldn't get it to look right so I just didn't add it on I did just enough to give her a collar.
  4. I think a blanket is enough. I just gave 2 blankets to a couple of other moms, that I barely knew, and they loved them. I think that a blanket is enough, if she is a real friend she will know how much you put into the blanket and how much you loved making it for her and teh nre baby.
  5. i am still confused. I am trying to add things to my blog but I still can't figure it out, help?!!?!
  6. that is so great, welcme to the board. Your outfit is great I love it!!!
  7. i love these blankets and that is very 'boyish'. i love it. how long did it take you to make?
  8. kisha29

    Toddler Robe

    i used Bernat Softee Chunky in Carnival, it was the color she picked out. Here's the robe on her so far you can't see the hood from these shots but i have to take a couple of those again. I made it longer than the pattern calls for but that's mostly because our house is really drafty.
  9. that is really cute. I love the ending on your points to, that came out so nice.
  10. kisha29

    Toddler Robe

    it's the top center panel part that just doesn't look right. It's not wide enough, the little bit that I have to sew up doesn't seem to make the hood wide enough to go over her head. I'll post pictures tomorrow I'm out of batteries on my camera.
  11. kisha29

    Toddler Robe

    I finally made a robe for my daughter but am having problems with the hood. I am making the Lion Brand robe but the hood justdoesn't look right to me. Here's the link to the one I am talking about http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/cts-robe.html?noImages=0 Any and all help would be so nice. My daughter wants to wear this sooooo bad :D
  12. Yeah I finished my blanket!!! It's made from Red Heart Soft Yarn I finished off what they had in the clearnce bin:cheer It's soft blue, Teal and white and is going to a mom I don't even know, lol.
  13. Hello ladies I started making mine about a week ago and am about to run out of yarn. I love this pattern it's great when I go to my weekly SnB!!!!
  14. she was told how to take care of it but didn't listen so she is just out of luck. To bad for her. I would understand if something had unraveled or something the first year but it's her fault that it's messed up, pooh pooh on her.
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