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  1. Hello, I'm an avid crocheter, and while I can follow just about any pattern out there, I just don't have the vision to make my own patterns. I'm looking for a pattern for dog pajamas, similar to the picture below. I have a pair of cotton pajamas that I could pull apart to make a template with, so if anyone is able to and would be willing to make a pattern for me, I could provide a rough template to reference for dimensions, proportions, etc. I'm more than willing to pay for a pattern. Or, if anyone knows of anywhere that makes custom patterns upon request, that would be perfect too! I've been scouring the internet, but all I can find are patterns for sweaters, jackets, etc - no jammies. Thanks in advance!
  2. Oh! I wasn't doing the dsst's in the same dc as the previous one! This should fix my problem! Thank you SO much!
  3. Well, I know this post is rather old, but I'm working on this project now, and am hoping for some help. On row 11 of the topper, do I start my first sc in the last dc of row 10, or over one dc? Also, does it seem correct that there is no chain to start this row? I've tried row 11/12 a couple of different ways, and no matter what, the row indents about a half inch on each end, so I'm not sure I'm doing it right. I've never made something wearable before like a sweater, and I'm sure the details are really important, so I want to do it right. Any help appreciated!
  4. Hello! My mom gave me some yarn that she got at a garage sale, but it's older acrylic yarn. I can work with it, but you can see as you're crocheting that the individual threads in the yarn are starting to become defined, almost like it's unraveling a bit. Of course, of the 200 skeins I have around the house, my son picks THIS skein (moms, please all roll your eyes with me) as the ONLY one that matches his girlfriends coat, therefore I HAVE to use this one to crochet her hat with. What's going to happen to the piece if I use this yarn? Will it hold up as long as I'm able to finish the piece? I hate to waste my time if it won't! Thanks much!
  5. Thank you everyone for all of the help! I'm self-taught, and have never had this much trouble with a pattern! I don't know what I'd do without you guys! I'm guessing it's maybe a tension change along with a funky stitch pattern that's making it look so uneven. Thank you again for your help!
  6. I just pulled it all of the way out back to the skein switch and it was growing before the switch.
  7. I've had to add. I'm on my 2nd skein of each color.
  8. Yes, I'm using 1 strand of each. I did just have my son and husband look at the color too and it looks fine in person so it must be the pic.
  9. This picture is slightly deceptive. It is actually larger on the end I'm working on, and since this is the 5th time I've done the rug, I really concentrated on my stitches and counted pretty diligently. Would it look like this if it was a tension change? Thanks!
  10. I've done this rug over and over. I've counted my stitches EVERY row and I'm not adding stitches. The first stitch is a SC, so I've got a turning chain of one. At the end of a row, I DON'T SC in the turning chain, and the first SC of the new row is done is the last SC of the previous row (I don't skip one). All of this is per the pattern, but as you can see from the pic, the whole rug slants to the right, and I've grown about and inch and a half. Can anyone help?! This is the last time I'm doing this over! Thanks!
  11. I'm crocheting a bathroom rug, and it's not quite square. I'm hoping blocking will correct this, but I'm unsure if I should add the border before or after I block it. Any advise? Thanks!!
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