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    enjoying time with family,friends ,attending crochet meetups, crocheting at parks ,concerts ,wwe events,etc
    * i create custom made crochet goods
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    Delray Beach,Florida
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    crochet various projects,singing,drawing,dancing,video gaming
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    Pet care Specialist & Crocheter
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    ponchos,throws, blankets etc
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    close to a decade
  1. Knitters nook,delray beach,hobbylobby,joanns,michaels(once a full blue moon),acmoore,walmart
  2. ac moore, Michaels & joanns craft stores as well as walmart sell the soles in most stores.. the brand is boye the pricing goes bout 5.99 for babies and adults up to 15.99 unless otherwise stated.. *i was in walmart a few miles from me yesterday they had few soles in the clearance section under ten dollars..
  3. i recently went back into my ole habit of hopscotching from one project to another.. then i'll have a brainfart inbetween saying wtf did i do here.. then i go ohh ok now i see. then i say duh.. and laugh at myself because of it..
  4. Hi Floridians, is there any local meetups within the Boca Raton area?
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