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    enjoying time with family,friends ,attending crochet meetups, crocheting at parks ,concerts ,wwe events,etc
    * i create custom made crochet goods
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    crochet various projects,singing,drawing,dancing,video gaming
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    ponchos,throws, blankets etc
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    close to a decade
  1. After creating the amount of chains needed for a poncho , the pattern mentioned single crochet into the 2nd chain from the hook then chain 3, then put the hook through the 2nd loop by pulling up yarn then single crochet a and repeat.. I tried that but it looks nothing like the pattern.. I'm just chaining 3 then SC into the sc space., other If you can find my crochet chart pattern to follow please tell me here or on Facebook. Thanks Happy crocheting
  2. Using filanti ribbon yarn
  3. The stitch pattern is 2dcs chain two 2dcs in the same chain space,skip two chains and repeat.when I reach the beginning I slip stitch to join..I'm on row 16,using crochet hook 7 4.5mm
  4. Panera bread, library, okeeheelee park,my house,backyard,clubhouse, jasons deli,knitters nook
  5. Knitters nook,delray beach,hobbylobby,joanns,michaels(once a full blue moon),acmoore,walmart
  6. Hi this top I'm working on is two dcs chain two then 2dcs in the same chainspace.. my top is under the bustline.. should I decrease using three dcs per chain stitch for four rows or something else? .. this ribbon is (filant g,r,I,f,)Type 55% cotton 45% nylon. I'm on row 16 ..I'm a petite person 5*2ft..I don't want this top to be to fitted.. * this is my own verison of a pattern seen in I love to crochet magazine ,blackberry lace pattern, its v stitch, dc chain one dc, skip two chains.. I'm using 7 m hook..
  7. Create a set of chain stitches to the size you need Next chain three into the fourth chain space from the hook Then chain two.in the next space double crochet and repeat
  8. Craftyarncouncil.com Click on crochet 911 link There's a how to visual guide.. Also pick up these books /ebooks Photo guide to crochet. By margaret hubert Crochet stitch designs by linda schnapper Everything crochet answer boo.by edie eckman Visually teach yourself crochet encyclopedia by robyn chincula
  9. place the hook into the fourth chain from the hook, next chain three, then yarn over ,place the hook into the next stitch pull up a loop, then yarn over, then go through the loop..
  10. Hello, i wanted to share with everyone of a local store thats a few towns from where i live called knitters nook.. 75 west atlantic ave delray beach,fl they have expanded the yarn selection as well as crochet hooks and gathering section and soon to be offering classes and have Nicky epstein and other crafters ,yarn companies showcase their goods for us crafters, giving tips etc if you venture to this store youll like the layout and its openess. They do have a free card when you spend twenty dollars or more on regular priced items and get a credit up to ten doll
  11. before i open up the glossy paper i wanted to get everyones opinion on showcasing my crochet projects in glossy paper or via tablet? i have brought some of my finished projects to my job.. the problem is i just moved to a warm climate howevever some project i have used semi light weight projects that are not heavy weight please chime in your thoughts, Thank you
  12. every wednesday *( as long as its not a holiday) time:1030am-noon Hagen ranch library 14300 hagen ranch rd,delray beach,fl Knitters Nook store * 5pm ,once a month the group goes to a restaurant (check the stores web site) Delray Beach,Fl
  13. ok thanks.. my grandma made the blanket before i was born and didnt leave any patterns behind.. i didnt find out she was crafter until last year.. i just have the blanket to guess the stitchwork.. i am having problem making something like this for myself and for other family members
  14. ac moore, Michaels & joanns craft stores as well as walmart sell the soles in most stores.. the brand is boye the pricing goes bout 5.99 for babies and adults up to 15.99 unless otherwise stated.. *i was in walmart a few miles from me yesterday they had few soles in the clearance section under ten dollars..
  15. http://www.crochetspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Crochet-Chart-Symbols.gif this link should help you with chart symbols written crochet chart http://www.craftyarncouncil.com/crochet.html http://www.craftyarncouncil.com/tip_crochet.html
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