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  1. I've finally got double crochet down and am working on my first baby blanket But I'm curious as to how to finish a project! I don't have a large needle to sew it off, and chances of me being anywhere near a store to purchase one anytime soon are slim! Is there a way to finish off using a crochet hook? (It's just a simple double crochet) I found something on crochet cabana, but it confuses me since it's using a different stitch!
  2. I just learned the double stitch tonight But I'm having a problem with it... after the initial chain, and then the first row of double, where you skip a link each time... do you still skip a link each time you stitch? Because I was doing this and it was turning out so goofy and almost circled!! My other question is with the double stitch, do you CH2 at the end? Or still just 1? I looked on stitch guide, and I am just not getting a clear picture
  3. Welcome!! I'm a newbie to crochet, but I'm also from Nebraska
  4. I have been using stitchguide.com & CrochetCabana.com (I hope it's ok that I post those!) My first projects aren't turning out the greatest, and I've only mastered one stitch so far (Single Crochet) but I'm working at it... and I am persistant and I will succeed And my goal is to have a Blanket for my new nephew at the end of April and another for my *hopefully* niece in July...
  5. I think this is so interesting to learn, as I hear about the differeint ages you started at and the different projects you made So far I've only learned "Single Stitch" But my goal for tonight is to master something new!
  6. What was the first project you completed when you learned to crochet? I'm just curious I thought my first would be a scarf, but it's turning into an afghan, I made about a dozen 3.5 x 3.5 squares the past 3 days and I'm planning to make some more and connect them into an afghan!! (I'll be posting photos when it finally gets done!)
  7. Thank you all for such warm, wonderful welcomes
  8. Thank you so much ladies That poncho is lovely!! I really am inspired now : I am checking out all the web links, but I'm also on my way to the library (in 10 minutes ) to see if they have any worthwhile books on crochet!
  9. Thank you all, so very much for your input I'm really excited to get going more on this project! Although I have quite a few more squares to make! I am so glad I've found this site, you women are so wonderful at helping me along!
  10. Thank you so much for your quick reply!! I definately have a lot of ideas now! I am shooting you a pm, I hope you don't mind!
  11. I'm so proud of myself! Today I made 3 squares!! ( 5" x 5" ) and I'd really like to keep making them and eventually make them into an afghan... is it possible to make the squares and then join them later? If so, how do I do this?
  12. Aggie May, Thank you so much for all of that
  13. I've been looking on stitchguide, but I can't find it... is there an exact url? (What does CH1 actually mean?) Sorry if I sound like an idiot...
  14. I've figured out my problem with the trapezoid/triangle whatever : I never learned how to CH1 ... : So if anyone has a web link that shows this well, I'd love it!! I can not thank you all enough for your help! Also, which is the easiest stitch to make look decent? (As well as to actually make )
  15. Oh, I've got counting figured out I'm just curious if the stitches look right, as in does it flow together right...
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