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  1. Hi! I am working on my first tunisian crochet pattern and it is a bit fiddly to explain. I am hoping one of you seasoned tunisian crocheters can put a name to what I am doing. 3 main things: is there a specific name for the row of chain-like stitches running up the beginning of each simple stitch row? If I were to pull up a loop in the next vertical bar in the forward pass (so only one vertical bar) and then pull through both loops on my hook (like making a standard single crochet), what would I call that manoeuvre? is there a specific name for the vertical bar of the last stitch (so the left edge of my work)? Or do I just call it the ending vertical bar? Please contact me if this isn't clear enough and you need me to elaborate. Thank you in advance, Dedri
  2. This Ten Stitch Blanket Crochet Pattern is a conversion of Frankie Brown’s Ten Stitch Blanket Knitting Pattern. I would like to thank Frankie for giving me permission to write the crochet version of her lovely blanket. For those of you who have never seen (or heard of) the Ten Stitch Blanket, let me break it down for you: The Ten Stitch Blanket is worked in a spiral (or “rounds of rows”) around a central square of 10 stitches by 10 rows. The beauty of the project is that the short rows (10 stitches per row, less on the corner rows) propel you forward like you wouldn’t believe and it is the perfect pattern for using up any and every scrap of yarn in your house. You can find the pattern for the Crochet Version of the Ten Stitch Blanket here. Happy hooking, ladies x dedri
  3. The fingerless gloves are such a good idea. Especially as older fingers tend to have poorer circulation and thus get super cold. Maybe I should crochet my granny some...
  4. Thank you for your welcome wishes. It's so nice to see people from all over the world respond. My husband has recently started thinking about moving to America. I must admit that I am very tempted...
  5. hi I have been a silent member for about a year now. I thought I should probably stop spying on you guys and introduce myself propperly. My name is Dedri and I am a 4-day-a-week radiotherapist and a Wednesday-only stay at home mom. That way I have the best of both worlds, I think. I would love to drop another day of work, but I dont think thats going to happen any time soon. I have 3 little male mouths to feed and one big male to keep watered and fed. I used to read everywhere, now I crochet everywhere. I bite my nails to the quick. I cry very easily. I am a sucker for anything pretty and can find it in the most unlikely places. Sometimes I swear. That's me. X dedri
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