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  1. I love the Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hooks. Both the thread and the yarn hooks. I just find them to be completely comfortable to use.
  2. Your tablecloth turned out great. The pinwheel is my favorite pattern, so I am partial to begin with. Perfect fit for the table.
  3. This really turned out beautiful. I have never used such a large hook with thread. I may have to try this.
  4. Vonnie, I love your travelghan. It's a neat idea to have the handle. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern with us. I have added it to my "to do" list (getting longer and longer)
  5. The doily is absolutely gorgeous. You did a fantastic job on it.
  6. I love the slippers. You do great work. Also, it is so sweet of you to share the pattern for the ballet slippers.
  7. Beautiful sweater shawl and you did a fantastic job on it.
  8. Beautiful job on the runner. I am still trying to use up size 30 thread I have had for years. I had such a stash of it that I just can't seem to get it used up. I go for size 10 now that I am older and my eyes are not what they used to be.
  9. Beautiful shawl. I can understand why it took best of show.
  10. You did a beautiful job on the doily. Being larger just gives you more possibilites for it's use.
  11. I love this one. It is so bright, just like the sun. I love this Ombre Peaches and Cream color also. I use it myself. Great job.
  12. Yours turned out beautiful. The size just means you have more options on where to sue it.
  13. I can see why everyone wants it. You did a beautiful job. Now, you just need to make one for everyone in your family .
  14. That afghan is AMAZING. It is stunningly beautiful. It should take the top prize in anything you enter it in.
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