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    I have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 18 years and am a mother of 4.
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  1. Love it!!...I like how you did the straps as well. It's very addicting because they work up so fast. I however have not had much hook time we've been busy with ball games and end of year school stuff. Hopefully soon (sigh).
  2. I purchased the skull and cross bones @ Ravelry.com....the person who has the pattern is Everlaughter...she does a lot of great applique patterns, you can find Everlaughter on facebook as well:hook
  3. I love the black and red. I always just do them to the size I like and stop. I don't actually think i've ever measured them. I've made several different sizes and everyone that I have made them for has preferred the medium sized. It looks really good can't wait to see it finished:hook
  4. I've tried it several different ways and find I prefer doing 2 to 3 rows of one color and then 1 row of a contrast color. There are just so many options with these it's fun seeing what you can create with simple color changes. Good luck and have fun with it:hook
  5. I found you on ravelry not to long ago when searching for a lion head applique pattern, then later on facebook. I love love love your appliques. Thank you for the free patterns:)
  6. Thanks everyone!! These are so much fun to make and so many possibilities.
  7. I've been busy working on some tote bags. I found the pattern at Attic24 and have become a big fan of the blog. This pattern is great because you can make any size you want. Thought i'd share a few that I have made so far.
  8. My hubby doesn't mind either, he has actually came home from the store with a bag full of yarn because he knew that I had been waiting on that specific color. As my stash keeps growing he keeps talking about building shelves for me:manyheart
  9. Love this....one of my new favorite stitches as well:)
  10. At first I tried it on my own but never having done or heard of the crocodile stitch I decided to check out the tutorial, it helped so much and everyone loves the purses....i've had a lot of people ask for them and am working on my fifth one....lol
  11. I finished the cotton Mermaid Tears Purse....I really loved working with the cotton and it seems so much more durable.
  12. Sorry everyone, I haven't felt well for awhile and have been MIA. As long as the squares are 7x9 they are fine crocheted or knitted, I am assuming since there is no end date and with the massive destruction of the tornadoes they will take the squares until they stop receiving them. I have my squares finished just need to ship them out.
  13. I love the colors so pretty. I'm hooked on the mermaid tears purse pattern....I love how you did the straps:)
  14. I did line them, I finished my 3rd one a few days ago. I'm almost finished with the one i'm doing in the cotton and will post pics as soon as it's done. This is one that a friend decided she wanted before I even had it finished:)
  15. I'm not sure if anyone has talked about this, but I've come across these lovely ladies on Facebook and I really love what they are doing. Description Not sure if you have heard or not, but A Tangled Yarn of Nicholasville, KY has teamed up with Sarabees Little Yarn Shop of Winchester, KY to knit blocks for afghans that will then be given to those who were affected by the tornados in Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. The plan is to start with West Liberty and radiate the warmth from there:) Can you help us? We need squares/blocks that are 7” x 9” with properly woven in tails. If you are not sure about how to weave in the tails, leave a 6” length to the tail and we will be more than happy to do this for you:) Squares must be made from acrylic as it is machine washable and dry-able. PDF patterns for squares are available: Crochet . Knit The squares/blocks can be brought in or mailed to: A Tangled Yarn 605 N Main St Nicholasville, KY 40356 or Sarabee's Little Yarn Shop 74 S. Main Street Winchester, KY 40391 Don’t know how to knit or crochet? Why not donate a ball of yarn for someone to make one for you. We will be posting updates and pictures here as we progress and receive squares;) https://www.facebook.com/squaredblocks?ref=ts I've included a link to The Love Squared Facebook page if anyone wants to check it out.
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