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    I love to crochet but it is catching up with me and wearing my wrist down faster than I'd like!
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    Alma Wisconsin
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    afghans and doll clothes
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  1. thank you everyone I have picked up my hook and have started crocheting to take my mind off things a little while
  2. Sorry to inform you all but my daughter DeAnna passed away November 22, 2014 . She decided enough was enough and after all the chemo treatments she had the final treatment was not enough she had such a rare cancer Mayo did not even know what to do as long as she was on the high doses of chemo it kept the cancer at bay but soon as the treatment was over the cancer came back at a full forces and attacked her whole body. She took it upon her self with the help of her boyfriend that she has had enough of it there is no fighting left in her so she decided to stop eating and drinking. I was not awar
  3. We have had a set back my daughter has ended up with a staff infection in her hand from the chemo iv she kept telling the Mayo nurse it didn't feel right something waqs wrong she ended up in the hospital with hand surgery for that what a mess then we had to go every day for treatments for that now we are back on chemo treatments tomorrow aghan is still in the getting joined stage but coming along
  4. I got the 3 squares today! I love the one with the butterfly crocheted right into the square thank you soooo much
  5. I still have not received the squares in the mail they must have really gotten lost so I am going to go ahead and put the rest of DeAnna's afghan together i can always add another row if they ever find their way to Wisconsin from California! lol
  6. I am also dealing with my son who decided to move in which is fine long story there but to make it asshort as i can he lived with his dad till after graduation in 2011 then went to boot camp at fort benning then came back for two weeks the went to ait in virginia then came back and his dad's conservetor decides to kick him out while he is going to college full time and working full time so it went to court and it is counted as a eviction notice now tell me how can you be evicted from your dads house and don't pay rent so anyway he moves in with his girlfriend and her parents they live in mn i
  7. you people are making me crazy I am getting there I have almost all the soft white crocheted working on the lattice in purple now then joining another soft white lattice my wrist get pretty sore after awhile so it takes time just you all hold your hooks it is getting there.
  8. That is fine thank you very much I will let you know soon as I receive them
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