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  1. Webs and Knitpicks are both excellent! Smiley's Internet Yarn Sale can have some crazy deals, but there's a $50 minimum order. http://www.smileysyarns.com/
  2. Lisa & Ed Staton's Eyes and More http://lisa.staton.home.insightbb.com/ Website's not too fancy but they are very nice and have the best prices. A woman I bought a pattern from turned me on to them. I think in my last order I got 50 assorted 15mm for around $8. I had been paying $6 for 20!
  3. I believe Elann.com is Canadian. They have very good prices; a lot of their yarns are house brand; as far as I know they don't sell the big-store commercial brands, but they do sell some commercial brands. I hear nothing but good about them. About Elann.com
  4. I can tell you the AG store in NYC is a HUGE tourist destination. People come from literally all over the world specifically to go to the store. I'm sure in individual communities the popularity tends to vary. IMHO they are very expensive items, although well made, and not everyone can afford them. That said, their sales are reported as $350 million annually (including all product lines, dolls, books, outfits, accessories, the magazine, etc). CrochetinMama you did not have them growing up because they didn't exist when we were kids (I'm 35). They started to become really popular right around the time I was in college (1993-97). Then they just exploded in the late 90s.
  5. Solid Purple - 1/2 skein "Paris" varigated - mix of blues and purples (coordinates with purple) approx 1/3 or less of skein. For trade I would be happy to have any 1/2 or whole skein "Sugar & Cream"/Bernat Handcrafter Cotton worsted weight cotton in a medium Blue, or Black, or Peach. Or make me an offer
  6. I think you have a lot of cute designs, but I have to tell you, that fake baby is indescribably creepy to me. It looks sick, or maybe dead. I would just display your items without the baby prop. It's just my reaction, so take it for what its worth, but its a very strong one. Your pictures gave me shudders. I'm not trying to be mean, I really thought you should know, because your designs are cute and skillfully made. I wish you luck.
  7. Check your PMs I have some leftovers from a project if you are interested.
  8. I much prefer to buy a single pattern I am very interested in, rather than a book or pamphlet that probably doesn't have more than one or two designs I'm interested in. The only books I have are technique books. Maybe I only have access to a low grade of pamphlet, but most of the ones I see are sort of "all the same" -- a zillion variations on a granny square or ripple afgan -- which frankly I could get equally good patterns of that type for free. No way will I pay $10 for that sort of thing! But I will pay up to $5 for a single pattern with good directions to make an item which is uniquely beautiful, interesting, or cute, that has the "mark" or style of the particular designer and is not generic. Before buying it, though, I will check Ravelry to see what kind of success people are having with the pattern (mostly good results = well written. Highly variable results = poorly written).
  9. Hey there Jellybean, I noticed Smiley's has Lion Brand Suede in their "internet Yarn Sale" Bear in mind, they have a minimum order of $50... however it's only $2.99 a skein, and there are 6 colors available including black. Good for stocking up if they have colors you like http://www.smileysyarns.com/ Edited to add: the also have LB Watercolors, for $1.99 per skein, in 7 colors.
  10. I don't know the answer but "Knit 1 purl 2 in Crochet" is the name of a book -- and I've heard it's confusing
  11. Hey everyone! I am trying to gather up t-shirts for a project - if anyone has old t-shirts, I can use them as long as there is: 1. no logo that covers most of the front or the back (smaller logos or pocket logos are fine) 2. no seam up the side of the shirt. On the other hand, rips, tears, and stains are fine! Even if they are too worn to donate to a regular charity -- no problem! I am especially interested in worn-out men's white undershirts as I would like to try a dyeing project. But whatever you've got is great! I can reimburse for shipping, or I can offer some yarn in trade, whichever is your preference.
  12. I think its cool she asked you to make one- she must think you do very nice work! Saying you're a [something] machine is a a compliment BTW. It means you're very good at it. Maybe she wants to pick up a hook and learn how ...?
  13. Boye does make the N in metal. I have two. One silver, one gold. It's 9.00mm though. http://www.joann.com/joann/catalog/productdetail.jsp?pageName=search&flag=true&PRODID=prd12581 I've never seen the P in metal though. Not sure about the L.
  14. The first few times I worked with bulky or nubbly, twisty yarns I used an N hook! This will tend to give a "lacey" effect when the yarn is really not that phsyically thick but hey at least I could see my stitches. Now I always use an N hook with Lion Homespun -- loads of people hate that yarn but I just love it. I'm pretty sure its because I use a big ol' hook. Even so, if I haven't worked with it in a while I loose the knack of seeing the stitches till I get back in practice. Keep at it, you will figure out what works for you!
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