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  1. I started this back in October and finally finished today. It will be going to the homeless shelter on Saturday.
  2. I have finished two baby blankets this week (one pink and one blue) and three pairs of booties. It is finally starting to cool off here, and I am going to be working on another full size afghan for charity.
  3. Sunflower RR.jpg Beautiful! I finally finished my granny square afghan, it's not pretty, but hopefully it will keep someone warm this winter. This will probably be all that I am able to finish in the next few days (got to get started on some stuff for work.) 1 Afghan
  4. I want to participate in this. Do I have to have started the project during the 18th-23rd window. I am working on a granny square afghan that I will probably finish up in the next couple of days. Will that count or do I need to start something new?
  5. I am currently working on a large granny square afghan of mixed colors that I am going to donate to the homeless shelter. It won't be my prettiest afghan, but it will be warm. Hope to finish in the next couple of days.
  6. Wow! Braxxi, those are stunning. I love the top one!
  7. This it what I always do. Once or twice I had to cut it out because it affected the project, but usually is not noticeable.
  8. Here is the picture of the pink v-stitch baby blanket that I made last week while my dad was in the hospital and a picture of the pink corner to corner blanket that I started last week and finished today. Last Saturday I bought a huge bag of yarn from a yard sale. It had some baby yarn in it and other kinds that I plan to make some scarves and blankets to donate.
  9. I have been missing from this forum for a couple months. But my dad is in the hospital and I have used the waiting around time to craft a light pink v stitch blanket and two airs of booties. I plan to strt another afghan soon.
  10. Shaylen, They are so pretty. It is going to be beautiful. I really wish I could sew squares together.
  11. VikingRunnerGirl, I love the colors. Very pretty!
  12. I also voted for the shawl. I have never made one, but would like to. Not sure if I would wear it or not, but I think it would be fun to make.
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