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  1. If you look at what you have already done you can still see the bottom loop, this is what you are going into on the other side.
  2. It's beautiful, your mum must be delighted with it
  3. My elderly neighbour is always cold and drapes a cardigan round her shoulders but it often slips off. He birthday is in 6 days, I wonder if I could make one in time. I'll give it a try anyway, thank you for showing this.
  4. dibuzz

    my scarf

    Very pretty, what a beautiful colour
  5. That's really pretty and different although I think anything would look good on that gorgeous little girl.
  6. They are both gorgeous, I'd love to do the pattern of the first in the colour of the 2nd
  7. What perfect timing for me, I find out tomorrow whether my first grandchild is a girl or a boy and want to make a blanket with the baby's name on. This will be perfect.
  8. dibuzz

    Crochet Clock

    What a lovely idea, it looks great.
  9. They are lovely, I particularly like the hooded one.
  10. Thats lovely, definitely one to add to my list
  11. I'll have to invest in those, I've got a few of your patterns and have just finished the round Christening shawl. Sadly I didn't get time to take a photo but it turned out beautifully.
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