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    I learned to knit in Feb 05 and to crochet in Feb 06. If I am sitting I am doing one or the other.
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    Knitting, crocheting, golfing, reading...
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  1. Kathy, I'm in AHH of all your designs. I especially love your birthstone doilies. I enjoy seeing all your runners too. Once I get better at thread would love to try one of your design. I'd definitely be interested in buying your books. You are one of the most talented designers here. Encouring you all the way! Carla
  2. Your doilies are WONDERFUL and you are very gifted. Thanks for sharing your treasures.
  3. WOW!! When your photo came up, it took my breath away. Your colors are very stunning and rich looking.
  4. Sorry to disappoint but I didn't teach her how to crochet. DD and I took crocheting lessons together. She is a lefty and so was our instructor. We learned how to knit in 2005 and how to crochet in 2006. Nothing planned for 2007, yet. We also take piano lessons together--she is SOO much better than me. We have lots of fun together and I keep telling her to remember when she's a teenager how much she loves me right now.
  5. 1to1

    Any ideas?

    CARDINAL FAN here!! Please post a picture--I'd love to see it.
  6. 1to1


    WOW that is really impressive. The detail is amazing. My 12yo DS asked me to make him a University of Michigan afghan. I'm like that would take me forever so I ordered him a fleece one. But after seeing yours I wish I would have tried. Where'd you get the graph pattern?
  7. Hi Teri, from Illinois. You're going to love coming here. Everyone is so nice and helpful. Carla
  8. All your doilies are beautiful and your blocking is perfect!!
  9. I don't know if this will help but http://www.microrevolt.org/knitPro/ Good Luck!
  10. I hope to use this for blocking my doilies. I used my JoAnn's 50% off --it was originally $16.99 so I got it for $8.49. What do you think? Will it work? June Tailor Cushioned Quilter's Square 'n Blocker Item is available.$31.49 DescriptionJT-705 Cushioned Quilters Square'n Blocker. Use this portable pressing, squaring and blocking board for all your quilting and needlework. Constructed of a thick bonded cushioned layer with backing board, this 14" x 20" pressing surface features a preprinted 1" grid throughout along with multi-sized circles to square and block. Bias lines are also featured in both directions. Press and square even the smallest quilting pieces with complete accuracy and no seam edge impressions. Hard board back and convenient carrying handle are great for storage and travel.
  11. WOW!! Your Rose Doily is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
  12. Andrea's Dog Bone Mat is in the Crochet Pattern a Day on August 21, 2007!!
  13. 1to1


    Yo do really nice work!! Have you thought about trying to sell them?
  14. :cheer :yay Congratulations to Andrea J!!! :cheer :yay I sure hope she is the one that got the credit for the design!? I really had fun making the Dog Bone Mats. Now, I have to find the Calendar.
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