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  1. That's lovely. I'm really into lace scarves at the moment, and yours is beautiful!
  2. Thanks, I used Margaret Stove Arisan lace (less than 2 skeins) Michelle
  3. hi Joyce - send me a PM with any queries and I will get back to you asap
  4. I've just finished my latest shawl - it's a present for my mother's birthday. I used my Eva's Shawl pattern again (pattern on my blog), this time using a very light laceweight yarn. This shawl only took about 50g.
  5. I'm making a blanket/ throw. Not sure how big it will be when it's finished. I've done about 37 squares so far, but I've been working at it on and off for two years!
  6. I've just posted a pattern for sock yarn squares on my blog. The squares can be made with oddments of left over sock yarn, but they would look great in one colourway of self striping sock yarn (e.g. Noro sock or trekking) as each square would be subtley different. Here are four squares I made with a part ball of Trekking sock yarn Michelle
  7. They're clover lockable ring markers. I think that they are fairly widely available.
  8. The shawl pattern will work with any weight yarn. I prefer light weight yarns. I'm sure size 10 crochet thread or fingering weight yarn would both be fine
  9. I've finally finished the navy alpaca shawl I've been working on. It's turned out really nice, the yarn (fyberspates laceweight alpaca) is lovely, and it's surprisingly warm for such a lightweight (approx 100g) shawl. I took it to visit my mother over the weekend, and she really liked it so I've started another one for her in spring colours. The pattern (Eva's Shawl) is available on my blog.
  10. Here is my latest finished object. I only had two balls of the yarn (Rowan Damask) so I decided to make a cropped sleeveless version of my top down round yoked cardigan for my 3 year old daughter. Further details on my blog. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2073/2274891457_0f6775dcb3.jpg
  11. Here is my latest shawl. The yarn (Manos silk blend) was absolutely gorgeous to work with. The pattern (Carmen's Shawl) is available on my blog
  12. really nice! I think it's an improvement on the original
  13. Here's another top down shawl. I used an aran weight mohair blend for this one, but it should work in any weight yarn. The pattern is on my blog.
  14. Here is one I am working on at the moment
  15. I just finished this shawl today http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2195/2217661256_1b6a6e7bba.jpg This version is for one of my daughters. I'm working on another one in Navy laceweight alpaca for myself. I've posted a rough pattern on my blog if anyone wants to try it out.
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