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  1. i must agree - you're confusing yourself and me in the process:D - i had the same problem back when i first started crocheting, when dinasours roamed the earth... i made about 30 rectangles before i graduated to triangles (rectangle = afghan, scarf, etc.; triangle = shawl). being self-taught from books i find pictures and schematics very helpful - like a logic game. if i know what configuration i'm trying to achieve then it's often easier to see if what i'm doing is going to get me there:think... a ripple pattern is a great next step in following patterns because you'll know pretty quickly if you're doing it right or wrong . if you don't start seeing an established pattern by about the fourth row then there is a misunderstanding going on somewhere:eek. most patterns will say something like "turning chain counts as first stitch here and throughout" or "chain two counts as double crochet" - some indication to keep your count correct so that when they say "skip first dc, dc in next dc" they're basically telling you not to put your first stitch in the base of the turning chain which is, after all, your first dc in the row, but to go to the first 'available' stitch. if you think about this, it's logical - if you were to make the stitch into the base of the turning chain on each row you'd have a lot of extra bulk at your edges. when counting stitches, you count the "V" as you look down at your row, so even though you may have 'cinched' several double crochets together in the previous row, you count the "V" that closed it all up as one stitch. if the pattern says to skip four stitches and double crochet in next stitch then you should have four unworked V's that you can still see after you make your next stitch. i know it would be nice to have someone to just ask for help and perhaps there's a crochet class at your local Michael's or Joanne's. there are many on-line tutorials and learning from books can also be a great feeling of accomplishment! that said, go forth and HOOK!
  2. Ah, Dude, the Ming Tree is GORGEOUS, of course! Even makes my lumps and bumps look good, and that's no easy feat! You are an awesome pattern writer as well as the incredible designs you come up with (how do you do it???) my teenage daughter gave me compliments:faint*break out the smelling salts* About the crochet book you're writing... i'm wait-ting *taps foot impatiently*
  3. "This Guy" is a sweetheart, a member of the 'ville and a very, very talented knit and crochet designer. His is one of the names i run into frequently in crochet magazines with always gorgeous well-written patterns. i've heard This Guy has a crochet book in the works - his knitting book was published last year. i'm waiting.... in the mean time i'll finish the gorgeous Ming Tree skirt:crochetingthat's been a pleasure to make...
  4. i would look on etsy to get an idea of fair pricing - find something comprable in size and intricacy and then think about how long it would take you to make the doily for this person and if you'd be willing to accept the 'going rate' and if she'd be willing to pay it...
  5. just as regular crocheted slippers - or plain old socks - would have a 'slip factor' that is something for the person making them to consider. pesonally, i'd LOVE to make some adult Ugg-style slippers all crocheted, not with a leather or alternate bottom. thanks for asking for opinions. perhaps you could do alternate patterns.
  6. yes, it makes sense yes, it seems a bit complicated at 'first read' you did a good job writing the pattern out - i understand it and i didn't have to grab hook and yarn, i could 'mentally' go through what you were saying and it 'works' here are a couple suggestions: in some patterns that have a more complex stitch sequence it will list 'special stitches' at the beginning and go through the stitch sequence along with the explanation of why you're doing this, just as you have done. then when you're making the item and get to that portion of the pattern it will remind you to see the Special Stitch section for 'extra' help. also you might consider charting it out - i have gone kicking and screaming into the land of symbol crochet, but it suddenly hit me that it's not a bad idea when i could not figure out what a pattern wanted me to do until i looked at the symbols and 'saw' and then it all made sense! good luck:manyheart
  7. oh, thank you thank you! these are great! appreciate everybody sharing!
  8. i had to do a MAJOR clean out on my computer to get rid of some nasty virus and persistent pop-ups and i lost a LOT of links including one that i had to free patterns of antique crochet items - these were the VERY old patterns, not like the Family Circle stuff from the '70s - i'm talking Titanic here! so if anyone knows what i'm referring to i'd appreciate very much to find that link again - or something like it! thanks:hug
  9. another way for a more 'gradual' line... increase: chain 3, double crochet in same stitch (base of chain three), continue in established V-stitch pattern, at end of row place 2dc in top of turning chain. turn chain 3, 2dc in next dc, continue in established pattern until 2 stitches left, 2dc in next stitch, dc in top of turning chain. turn chain 3, V stitch in next dc, continue in established pattern until 3 stitches left, skip 1 dc, V stitch in next to last dc, dc in top of turning chain. you have now increased two V stitches per row, one on each end, over three rows
  10. i got "page not found" too - and i tried clicking on both and copying them into the search bar... i'd love to see your 'ghans!
  11. could you give the name of the pattern - either the link if it's a free pattern, the book it's in. those are very confusing instructions but perhaps one of us might have the pattern and could look at the 'bigger picture' of what they want you to accomplish; that's how i figure out patterns when i'm stuck: "what exactly am i aiming for here?"
  12. okay. i think i get it, maybe i'm just weird, but it makes sense. i grabbed a hook and some yarn and did what it said to do first, and then after the "asterisk" symbol i interpret it as follows: slide your hook through the hole (they call "eye of the stitch") directly below your hook (this is the space that is holding the 'group' of stitches together when you pulled through 'all loops on hook') pull up a loop - you now have two loops on the hook. now go down to the next chain and slide your hook through, pull up a loop, go to the next chain, slide your hook in and pull up a loop - you now have four loops on your hook. yarn over and pull through the four loops, then chain one. this chain one will be the first spot you put your hook in, plus the next two chains, to make your next stitch. for each stitch you will pull up a loop from the 'eye' of the chain one from the last stitch, and you'll pull up a loop in each of the next two base chains, then yarn over, pull through all loops, chain one, repeat. i did it this way and it comes out with the 24 stitches. hope this helped.
  13. are you looking for an image like to put on an afghan, or a three-dimensional train where you would make the engine and cars and stuff them as in a toy?
  14. it's Annie's Free Pattern of the day (only available TODAY 12-21)
  15. if this is a pattern from a more recent book or magazine, i would check online for the corrections page, you know, just in case. that is awfully confusing... wish i could help
  16. my DH's mother left a legacy of her crocheting/knitting/quilting and i noticed she had a theory that worked: any colors can be combined if you put a nuetral in between them - and i mean ANY colors. the rows of solid dc would be a good break point to add in a nuetral (maybe a cream?) and then start up with one of the other 'shades' that doesn't quite match. four balls is an awfully small ghan. good luck:crocheting
  17. My lovely and thoughtful coworkers gifted me two brand-new books, both of which I already have - I didn't tell them that! I graciously thanked them. The books are Stitch 'n Bitch, Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller, (retail $15.95) - everyone pretty much knows about this book so I won't describe it;) and Ready Set Knit by Sasha Kagan, (retail $19.95) - this is a book with a velcro closure, spiral binding inside, stands up in an open position and has excellent knitting instruction and 20 really nice projects including accessories and wearables Here are books I would be interested in with their Amazon prices. PM me if you have any of these and would like to trade. Thanks! Party Crochet by Sue Whiting ($13.57) Crochet in No Time by Melody Griffiths ($20.18) Complete Crochet by Sue Whiting ($18.96) Kooky Crochet by Linda Kopp ($8.95) BH & G Romantic Looks Crochet ($10.95)
  18. There's this and this, both of which I have. They give lots of good ideas. The first one is for knit and crochet so if you do both then you'll get twice as much out of it!
  19. i like darski's idea and that will really 'clean up' the sides - sides can look a little funky when done in sc or dc, so an edging all the way around will really help. if you go around the entire thing once with sc then you'll have a nice base to work into. i know it's time consuming, but try to count how many you put on one side and put the same amount on the other side. as far as one end being wider than the other, same thing. if you can try to count how many sc you put on the 'smaller' end and then put close to that amount on the wider end by skipping a stitch here and there, once you put your shell edging, or even another row of sc or hdc, it will sort of squeeze the wider end together without being too obvious. by the way, i think we all have made that afghan - the one that mysteriously gets wider or narrower:think. i made mine about 13 yrs ago and my 15 yr old son is sleeping on the couch covered by it right now!
  20. i bought it and i LOVE the projects! one of the best books i've seen in a long time! great patterns, great projects!
  21. wow, that pattern must have been really evil and bad. burning a defenseless poorly written pattern - i suppose this was so it couldn't fall into the hands of another unsuspecting crocheter? perhaps in the future if you're in a similar situation you could maybe put it at the bottom of a bird cage or run it through the dishwasher. living in california as i do, we're a little sensitive about fires... as for you, lysandra, i've been called a lot of things, but 'brilliant' and 'inspiring' aren't ones i've heard before. so thank you. yes, in my world you are making sense - of course i'm on high doses of psychiatric meds so take it for what it's worth. as far as straw grasping, are we talking regular straws or those cute striped bendy straws, 'cause i LOVE those straws! or are you talking the stuff you find on farms, 'cause i'm a city girl and i couldn't tell hay from straw. also, the end of a drinking straw can be very sharp, so please put the straws with the hook and the yarn, you know, just to be safe. as far as your firing synapses, may i suggest a small spray bottle of water to put your head out if it catches on fire? just as a safety precaution, ya know. i do think you're on to something here, but don't frog yet. you have figured out that 9 is an odd number, 18 an even number, and therefore you have the quandry of continuing on and doing a half repeat or starting over with 18 extra stitches and a full repeat. first off, how fat is gramma? or more precisely, how fat is gramma's neck? if she's built like a football player you can probably safely go back, start over, and do it with the even number. if she's more 'regular' gramma size then you may end up designing the world's first ever wrap-around cape collar.... so... as i was saying, so... there is no harm in trudging forth and doing the half patterns. if it looks stupid, you are a very experienced frogger and i have no doubt you could take it apart. again. i've done many patterns that 'widen' (and no, not the magically widening double crochet blanket that starts at four feet wide and ends up seven feet wide - that's a different thread) but when something is supposed to widen as in this pattern where the neck is obviously smaller than the bottom edge, and you have a pattern stitch, you will undoubtedly end up at some point having to do a 'partial' pattern to complete a row where a full extra pattern would be too much, and no extra pattern wouldn't give you any increase. capice? (i think that's Italian for "understand".) how about comprende. (i know that's Spanish for understand.) please tell me how this works out because i am emotionally invested in this project. i will be waiting by my computer. except, like if i have to go to the bathroom or something, or like refill my coffee. or bring in the mail. okay. i'll check back frequently, how's that.
  22. I hate to be a whiner, but when i noticed everyone was receiving there copy and i hadn't received mine i contacted them and they said it had been sent out back when you all got yours and they would re-send a new copy. being the over-anxious type that i am and upon seeing a copy at Joanne's i bought it... and i was sorta disappointed. i usually LOVE this magazine and can find several things i'd like to make, but this time not so much. maybe i'm just burned out on holiday themes and cold weather themes - i dunno. now, as for Interweave Crochet's mag coming out Dec 11, that I am REALLY excited about. on their website you can see all the projects in the issue and i see several that i will definitely be making.
  23. Crochet related suicides and deaths are a VERY serious occupational hazard and this condition is highly under-reported in the medical community. now, STEP AWAY FROM THE YARN. oh. AND THE HOOK. (these items are actually listed as deadly weapons in the penal code - also had a case, death by cheese grater, but that's not important right now.) okay. DO NOT FROG AT THIS POINT. your yarn must be getting thin and you may be in danger of a friction fire. since you are on drugs try to avoid counting and recounting - it's just frustrating and doesn't seem to be solving your problem here. while you have this thing sitting in front of you, try to picture what it would need to look like as far as stitch configuration to be able to accomplish what they're asking you to do. i know this sounds like a 'duh' but sometimes there are errors in patterns and sometimes we 'see' what isn't there (like 2dc vs. 1dc) since you've made it past row 10 and to the eyelet row - correctly or not - look at rows 10, 11 and 12 as you've done them and see how many dc you would need in row 10 to successfully complete the eyelet row. sometimes patterns, even well-written ones, just don't click for me - like i'm the only person in the world that just doesn't get it. if i get to that point i try to 'think like the designer' - what do i need to do to make it do what it's supposed to do. even if i have to briefly stray off the pattern, if it all comes together in the end, then I WIN! i must say, i learned a lot from reading Lily Chin's book Crochet Couture. She explains so well the basics of design and such that it gives you the confidence to go on and stray from a pattern if necessary. good luck
  24. can you crochet a working iPod:lol...? seriously, if they have electronics - cell phones, iPod, a holder is useful - my 15-yr-old actually REQUESTED i make him one because they tend to slip out of a pocket, being so slim. if it's cold where they live some VERY funky and boy-ish wrist warmers - like camo yarn. we live in So Cal and my son has actually been seen wearing my nuetral wrist warmers 'cause its been getting a bit chilly in the morninig.
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