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    Cathexis is defined as an investment of mental or emotional energy in a person, object or idea.
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    I divide my time between Greenville, SC & Temple, GA
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    I looove to crochet, dabble in painting, read all kinds of books, listen to all kinds of music
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    Stay-at-Home Mom, Devoted Wifey, Chaffeur for Teenage Son, Cook & Crocheting Fool
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    my favorite projects are wallhangings and purses... i think that they are great vehicles for expressing my creativity.
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    not near long enough... still a beginner with some stitches & techniques...
  1. thanks to everyone for their wonderful compliments! that is one of the reasons that i love crochetville... everyone is so nice... i love getting feedback on my pieces. Again, thanks so much! joanna
  2. yes... i made the handprint motif... i just do it free form... i start with a circle and then make stitches to make a straight edge on top... then i just add on the fingers... it is all trial and error... none of them are the same... there are several examples of the motif in purses and other wallhangings on my blog and flicker account... if you're interested. Also... thanks for your compliments on my work!
  3. i love these kinds of afghans... they just seem soooo comforting! i love it!
  4. oh gosh! that is super cool!!! My nephew would love something like that!!!
  5. AWESOME work... love the colors!!!
  6. WOW... your toys are really awesome... they make me smile too!
  7. That Is Just Too Cute! I Love It!!!!
  8. i just recently got a set of knifty knitters and have made hats, scarves, dog sweaters (perfect for doggie sweaters) and "socks" on them... I love knifty knitters!
  9. Here is the latest wallhanging that I have made; it is about 10 inches wide and 33 inches long. It is hung (rod pocket method) on a piece of red bamboo. The yarns used are a blend of commercially available wools and acrylics from my stash... I just looooove "Stash Busters"! I used the handprint motif that i love so much, along with three ("it's a magic number...") triangle motifs. It's mostly comprised of single, double, treble stitches along with a few others thrown in.
  10. Happy Birthday to you both! I love looking at all of your creations!
  11. eeek! i hope she is going to be ok... i had no idea crochet was such a full-contact sport!
  12. i think the trim "sets it off"! very nice!
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