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  1. :hugFirst I would like to thank mom With a motif for the gorgeous square she sent me! Its absolutely beautiful and I know it will look great with my other squares. I cannot post a photo because my camera is broke. this square made me very happy and helped me feel better. I have been away from this forum for a while because back in January I went for surgery and have been recovering... so THank You! again for the wonderful addition for my friendship blanket! I Love you all! Penny:cheer
  2. I absolutely positively LOVED the snowflake square! It is white & pastel blue. I will get a picture up when I get my new camera for Christmas, lol. thanks again Cindy, you made my day! Penny
  3. I wanted to stop in & thank Cindy R for the most awesome snowflake square I received. I have been sick for a while & this square made me feel all warm inside. Thank you Cindy! Penny
  4. Hello, just wanted to check in. I am still battling with this darn kidney stone. Next week on Thursday I go in for surgery! Not looking forward to that but better than having my kidney shut down instead. Penny
  5. Hi all, My sons girlfriend would like me to make a blanket for her. she is asking for a peace sign granny square. Does anyone know I would find something like that? I don't mind if it's a purchased pattern. I think it would be cute to put a heart and a smiley face on other squares..... Like peace, love, happiness. Penny
  6. Your welcome cindysweetthings, glad you liked them Penny:hug
  7. Yuppers, & don't worry I am working on more. I've been incredibly busy this week working on a scarf. It's getting pretty cold. Penny
  8. :hughey all 7 of you that I contacted last week, the packages got mailed today as I forgot to mail them Monday.....so watch your mailboxes. Penny
  9. Thanks Kuddles & everyone else that wishes me well. I am feeling much better. I have gotten 10 squares made! YAHOOO!!! So I am waiting for addy's and then they will get sent this saterday! Hope you all LOVE them! Penny:hug
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