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  1. Carolina

    The latest batch have been blocked!

    Linda your doilies are always so beautiful.
  2. Carolina

    Crochet it Love it Wear it - preview pics!

    Wow, my goodness dude the garments are gorgeous. The stitches of each one are beautiful, love them all.
  3. Carolina

    kristhinne's doilies

    Oh they're all BEAUTIFUL. Love them all.
  4. Carolina

    Another jack russell pup...

    Oh! I want to hold and hug it, so cute.
  5. Carolina

    Peacock pride doily

    Beautiful, love it.
  6. Carolina

    Queen size thread bedspread

    My goodness thats so beautiful. You're really fast, I'd still be crocheting on it and into next year.
  7. Carolina

    The ugliest rr ever!!

    I like it, its bold and beautiful.
  8. Carolina

    Do you tie knots?

    I use the weavers knot, that way you can cut the thread or yarn close to the knot.
  9. Carolina

    How Do You Hold YOUR Hook?

    Like a pencil.
  10. Carolina

    I made this throw for mom

    Beautiful, love the colors.
  11. Carolina

    four leaf clover blanket

    Very beautiful afghan, love the green and white.
  12. Carolina

    Tree pattern

    Beautiful, will have to make it. Thank you.
  13. Carolina

    Thank you all

    You did a wonderful job on your doily, its beautiful. All your stitches look great. You're back on track, keep going.
  14. Carolina

    Pineapple Song

    Not only is that lovely, its absolutely stunning.
  15. Carolina

    Butterfly Symphony doily

    Gorgeous and soooo neat.