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    Crochet from home and run 2 online shops that include crochet and bath and body. I have two little girls and stay busy!
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    Boutique style hair bows, plastic canvas and crochet
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  1. I used to have one of those life like dolls that cost nearly $200! It did get me a good start but, after not using it for so long I sold it.I'm trying to shoot for something current and trendy. I have a great camera so picture quality is there..It's getting that good prop to use. I would like to try something a little different away from heads LOL. And the foam ball bit...not a good idea lol. I tried that and it was so ugly hehe
  2. HI there. Sorry if I'm not posting in the correct spot. I have been searching high and low for ideas or some sort of prop I can use to photograph my headbands and hats. I can't always send things to be modeled on a real baby and need to do it myself sometimes. So , what are some ideas on things I can use to photograph my headbands and hats and make them look great. TIA
  3. Thanks for your reply! I can imagine the large sun hats would be a big seller. Especially for women who live near the beach or have access to lounge at the pool, or ones who are simply going on vacation or wanna be stylish! I'm trying to come up with different types of slouchy hats. Those are so cute and I enjoy making them. So when you say a hair comb or clip, you simply mean just decorating that as an accessory? That could be super cute. I'm really looking forward to the warm weather and trying to find cute things to go with it.
  4. Hi everyone!! It's been a while since I got on here and posted. I have been so busy. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying Spring! So glad it's finally here. As some of you may know, I sell newborn photo props and I have been working on expanding my line to include items that teens and adults can use/wear as well. I have been working on slouchy hats and newsboy hats. Are there any others hats that are really in right now? Also aside from that, what other types of items are fun for the season that actually sell? I keep fiddling around with this and that but need to focus my mind a little.
  5. I have a love hate sort of relationship with homespun. It's such a pretty soft yarn and looks lovely with any completed item. Although it can be very hard to work. IMO I would not use a plastic hook. I would use aluminum or something like that. These are so much smoother and have no bumpy seams for the delicate yarn to get caught on. HTH
  6. Thanks ladies! I finally got some great photos and redid my banner. So it's looking so much better now And I finally got some sales, yay! I'm definitely not giving up. It's very hard to stand out, but patience pays!
  7. I haven't checked there. But I'm on my way to check it out!
  8. Does anyone know where I can have a quality banner, header and logo made online? I have tried many times to create my own but am not happy with the outcome.
  9. Pam, thank you so very much for providing me with this link. I'm definitely going to check them out. Thank you so very much!
  10. Thanks for the advice ladies I actually have sent props to a photographer who is supposed to supply me with photos. Sooo hopefully I will be getting some soon I also have another person wanting to trade props for pics. So hopefully in time I can have some real babies model my things. I know the babydoll thing isn't anywhere near the real thing, but its all I got lol. And about the stork pod....I definitely agree...I need to redo those pics. I just have my fingers crossed that I get some professional photos soon.
  11. Thanks ladies! I really enjoy making all the newborn hats and props. It's so much fun and everything is too cute. I have yet to sell anything on etsy but I havent really added a whole there yet. I still have alot of things I have made that I have not put up. but hopefully in time the whole etsy shop will work out I have nooo clue how to write or design a pattern so I cannot do those. Maybe one day though!!
  12. I love that pattern! That would be perfect. I think I might snag that one up myself. my mother in law would love it! She too is Queen of her red Hats. thank you!
  13. Thanks ladies! I'm checking it out now
  14. Hi ladies. My mother in law wants me to make her a hat for her Red Hat Society. I told her I certainly would and she picked out Red Yarn Bee Fleece Lite 5 Bulky. I'm not exactly sure what sort of hat I can make her out of this. I dont want to make just a plain basic beanie. Any ideas?
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