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    Maried with one daughter. I am a stay at home mom who enjoys all types of crafting.
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    Channelview, Texas
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    Crochet, Sewing, Painting, Scrapbooking, Learning to Knit, Reading, and Shopping
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    Stay at Home Mom
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    Dolls and Doilies
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  1. I have been crocheting for nearly 22 years. My neighbor taught my mother and I at the same time. Since then we have "HOOKED" two of my older sisters, an aunt, a left handed cousin that no one seemed to be able to teach (I sat her across from me because what she saw of my WS was her RS), and a dear friend of mine is in the process of learning. I put my hooks down for a great while every now and then; because it seems like if my hooks aren't hiding then I won't do anything else but. I am 32 and have a 10-year-old daughter and a hubby, and we can't forget Buldger our caged son (an overly excited 1 year old pup). I am a stay at home mom. I dabble in all sorts of arts and try to put it all to use. Crochet is my first passion, then sewing, embroidery, painting, quilting, and scrap booking just to name a few. Throw in a great book and housecleaning and you have my life. I am always told by members of my family (who are far less talented), that I have too much time on my hands… That is the opener that one of them need me to craft for them. My Christmas tree in all my married life has never had a store bought ornament hung on it. This year my ambition is to decorate the entire house with crocheted items. I also plan on giving many crocheted gifts this year. As well as a couple of afghans for "Project Linus" an organization who collects handmade blankets for hospitalized children for a sense of security, hence the name Linus from the beloved "Peanuts." This most recent Christmas Party for my daughters class they all received Stockings. Her teacher was so excited; she tried to give a lesson about the "dying art." The kids didn't care; they had candy in the stockings… What she didn't know is that every year the kids get a handmade ornament from my daughter as part of a combination of tradition from my childhood (we picked out one new ornament a year that we would get when we celebrated our first Christmas in our own homes) and my daughters (a new set of ornaments made each year). A few years ago I crocheted an American Flag and sold it for $300.00. I then did a second one for our family reunion to raffle off and it brought in nearly $500.00. It was a commemorative piece I did in honor of 9/11. I am currently working on a new hook bag with the Tunisian Stitch. I design as I go I haven't seen a pattern with this stitch. I am also in discussions with a marketing firm for a tool I have developed. I'm sorry to ramble on…. I hope to give as well as gain from all of you wonderful practitioners of a great art. --Heather Friend
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