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  1. Donna You are absolutly right I'm just about done with the bottom and it looks pretty good actually it looks really good . I guess it wasn't just the stitch I jumped the gun I guess I need to be more self confident Thanks so very much for your help., withiut it I would not have continued. BTW Annies Attic has a great video of the stitches. I would show you a pic but have no clue as what to do . maybe my kids will help when they get home Thanks
  2. Thanks Im doing the stitch correctly But When it comes to this Im doing something wrong Rounds 4-6: Ch 2 to count as the first fpdc, fpdc in each remaining bpdc around; join with a front post sl st around the beginning ch 2. (30 fpdc) Its just not right and I want to get this done so I can send it off to my daughte in NC by the end of the week
  3. can I please have the pattern as well My daughter wants one of these so much
  4. Im having a problem Round 3: Ch 1, inserting hook from back to front to back, sl st around the post of the same dc, ch 3 to count as the first bpdc, bpdc around the post of each dc around; join with a front post sl st around the beginning ch 3. (30 bpdc) http://searcht.netscape.com/ns/boom...entral. com%2F th cupcake pincushion When I stitch it it comes with "little bumps" in the roun and in the pics it shoews it in the length up and down what am I doing wrong? Its probably a silly thing but I'm confused Please help. I saw this pattern in one of the forums posted there but no help.
  5. Please can someone please help me with this pattern http://searcht.netscape.com/ns/boom...entral. com%2F On round 3 I just dont get it I figure the ribs should be up and down nd when I do it its in the round My family thonks I'm obssessed with this but i just dont get it I bet when its figured out I'll say OH! Please help this is my first posting for help thanks
  6. Hi! I know how to crochet -easy stuff- but can't always get patterns just right. hope you can help me. I think these cupcakes a just adorable and wanted to make this for my grandsons birthday next week. QUESTION: In the pattern ROUND3 I think I'm doing something wrong in thi pic it look like the st are length an when I'm doing it it comes out wrong can you explain it to me. THANKS! This is my first post. Everyone here sounds really talented makes me feel foolish but I guess were all not so talented but we try:2blush
  7. Hi! I've finally figured out how to do this. I crocheted and knitted as a kid .......That's a while ago......... I just started up again and someone at the yarn store mentioned this sight to me for help etc. I like all the info and watching you guys gettting so much done makes me feel like I've done it all too. Your a real talented group I'm not that great at computerize either so please forgive any mistakes i'm learning. I don't have all that much time for crocheting etc. but I'm trying. This all looks real interesting everyone looks really nice
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