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  1. I am from the Salem area. Over on Ravelry, there are a couple of different meet up groups that meet every Saturday or Wednesday in Salem. I go to a small one that meets Monday mornings. Just do a search under groups to join for Oregon and many will come up. Just look for your area.
  2. Yes, I do both, but have done crochet for much, much longer. I like crochet for how fast you can complete a project and for it's versatility to change as you go!
  3. Hello and Welcome from down the road (Salem area)!
  4. Hello and Welcome from up the road in the Willamette Valley!
  5. When I worked for one attorney, he did public defender work, so we had days that no one came into the office and I had absolutely nothing to do. I think I was driving him nuts because I kept asking him for more to do and he said to bring in a book to read and I asked if I could bring in my crochet instead - no problem. I sat at my desk and crocheted a table cloth for my grandmother and when someone came in I just dropped it into the basket at my feet under my desk and no one was the wiser! This was many years ago and my grandmother has since passed and I have since received that tablecloth back and we used it this past Easter on our table!
  6. I see . . SAILBOATS! Very cute too!
  7. OnceUponAHook

    babette fever

    It turned out absolutely wonderfull. I have this pattern and have been contemplating it but just have not got to it. Maybe I should go through my scrap tub and see what I have. . . . hmmmmm???? Anyways, great job!
  8. Hello and ! I'm in the Salem area too!
  9. Do you know anyone who has ozone equipment? My SIL has a business of this thing - it uses fans that they use in vehicles and homes and it gets rid of smoke and musty smells. If you are using a small object, you place it in an enclosed area or room and run the fans in there and it takes the smells out.
  10. You may want to search your house . . . the cat is crocheting in secret!
  11. Has anyone made the top (Lacy Sleeveless Top), page 90, from Family Circle Easy Crochet, Spring??? I am done with the top except for 'sewing' the sleeves to the top. The pattern says to just 'sew' them to the top. I sew also, but I feel that where the sleeves are attached to the top that there will be alot of pulling on that area. Has anyone else done this top or gotten this far???? What did you do??
  12. The pattern starts out by making the length of chain, then sc across the chain AND then join and sc in rounds (marking each round as you go). Yeah the model is a corker, told her I wanted to see the gloves and hat but not her face. You should see her runway walk and turn :rofl
  13. Thanks everyone for your great comments. The Beret Pattern is from Family Circle easy Crochet Fall/Winter 2005, pattern on page 77. I did both the beret and gloves from just Red Heart worsted Weight yarn.
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