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  1. Thanks for the kind words. The teacher must have liked it she bought it. I don't know why I worry so much about projects that go out the door.
  2. Well I made the baby blanket from the tulip red heart pattern. I changed about everything except the stitch to make the flower rows. It turned out more like a heavy baby blanket than a traditional new baby blanket. I used Hobby Lobby baby yarn that was cotton and acrylic. It was made for my grandaughters teacher. She asked my grandaughter if i would make a blanket for her six month old after recieving a cowl I made her for an xmas gift. I have never met this lady and had no idea what she had in mind. Getting information out of a tweener grandaughter was scattered to say the least. I sent it to school this morning with a price tag of 25.00. I made it clear to let her no she was under no obligation to buy it. My grandaughter thought 25.00 was to much money. I tried to explain i had that much in it just in yarn. I checked on Esty for some prices and 25.00 seemed more than fair. I hope I didn't ask to much.
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    Graph making

    Thank you for the instructions. I am going to give this a try and see if I can do it this way. Very of nice of your time on this question. Karen
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    Graph making

    I know this is an old question and I have gone through a lot of the questions and answers here. I am trying to get a program I can use to make graphs for free. I went and got the knit pro and tried all kind of ways and couldn't open the finished graph. It had a weird file extension and everything I downloaded to try and open it didn't work. Is there anyone who can lead in me in the correct direction or explain what I am doing wrong. Thank you Karen
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    motif help

  6. karens007

    motif help

    There is a lady at "Crochet a little" website who makes amazing motifs. All her work is free. Big problem for me is I need help reading a graph. I can understand what all the symbols mean but i don't know where to start and move to next. Is there anyone who can help or that has maybe written out some of these wonderful motifs? Thank you
  7. Yes Yes this would really do the trick for projects on the road. Good thinking.
  8. another trouble is that all the ones I have come across are for worsted weight yarn. I like the sock yarn because they look better and can be worn indoors when my house is chilly.
  9. I am trying to make my 14 year old nephew some fingerless gloves with sock yarn. Problem is I have no man hand to use to see if I am making them to the correct size. I make them for myself with a simple pattern and trying them on as I go. I was told he has just regular man size hands and thats it. My hands are probably ladies meduim. Any thoughts on pulling this off using my regular pattern would be helpful.
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