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  1. Hi and From Thailand Jah
  2. Hi, Happy Songkran Festival from Thailand jah
  3. :cheerI use 3ply of Thai yarn soft and not much bigger than the original, I use double line ... uhmm 4mm needles cast on 52 sts, in 1st rib row (RS) K4, [p4, k4] to end. 2nd rib row P4 [k4, p4] to end basic, now making another color someone in my msn asking, just a yellow one if finished I will show all again jah.. Its ok sometime may boring with a long road of craft so do I , and many of projects in same basket of mine too jah Cheers ! !
  4. the guy in this picture just a model of prima jah,, but good looking jing jing jah .
  5. I'v made this from the pattern of prima 2009 jah , for someone here whose ask me to do for her BF as she gift.... not mine... but its is Knitting jah
  6. ้Jah, everyone , so happy when stay here...
  7. Hi, I'm Jane, I found here for long time, just looking around when got :c9some free time from my job. I'm outsource researcher but I like any of Yarn and CRaft. Not only the music can connect people together... also here mind by hand.... Have a good day !! to all kha.. Jane:clap
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