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  1. heaverinscrochet

    Newborn Ballcap Pattern

    Thanks to everyone who sent a picture and the nice comments on my pattern. I love seeing the pictures of the hats and knowing my pattern is being used by many other crocheters out there!
  2. heaverinscrochet

    Soft, stretchy stitch?

    Have you ever tried a chainless dc foundation? It is very stretchy and makes a cute narrow headband. Just make it as long as you need it and works up very fast!
  3. heaverinscrochet

    Newborn Ballcap Pattern

    That's a great idea! I would love to know how it turns out.
  4. heaverinscrochet

    Newborn Ballcap Pattern

    Sweetiesgirl, your grandson is so precious in his new hat!! I'm so glad you were able to get use from this pattern. I find this hat is a favorite for the new daddy's :) Thank you for sharing your pictures!
  5. heaverinscrochet

    christening set

    So lovely!
  6. heaverinscrochet

    Double-sole slipper Instep?

    Hi Karen, I will do my best to help you with this problem. It may be helpful to circle all the numbers for the size you are working on. Since your working the smallest size, that would be the 8 and then after the turn- 9. The 9 (11, 12) would be how many sts you have at the end of the row. Then you turn, Ch 3 (which counts as a dc) and work across those sts, with the last dc in the Ch 3. It says Row 9-12, therefore you will do this for a total of 4 rows before moving down to Row 13, and you should have 9 sts after each row since your working the smallest size. I hope that helps and not confuses you more.
  7. heaverinscrochet

    2 afghans completed!

    Oh my, these afghans are beautiful! You did an excellent job on them both.
  8. heaverinscrochet

    Newborn Ballcap Pattern

    You could try using a larger hook or a thicker weight yarn. This hat really stretched quite a bit as well, the doll has a circumference of 15". You can always add more rows to make it longer to compensate for the stretching. BTW congrats on your new grandson
  9. heaverinscrochet

    Twigger Funmigurumi Monkey

    So cute! I love the monkey baby rattle on your blog. I'm gonna have to make one for my grandson. Thanks so much for sharing your patterns.
  10. heaverinscrochet

    Solomon's Stitch Infinity Scarf

    Pretty scarf, that stitch is one of my favorites, so lacy.
  11. heaverinscrochet

    Polka Dots Flowerumi Bear

    How adorable!
  12. heaverinscrochet

    Looking for an easy baby blanket pattern

    I just made this baby afghan http://www.free-crochet.com/list.html?criteria=FC00793&cat_id=304 and it is very easy and quick. However, I did substitute the sport weight yarn with caron simply soft and it turned out very pretty. If you substitute the yarn, you just need to make a shorter starting chain.
  13. heaverinscrochet

    Daisy Square yay!

    Love the daisy square, this would make a cute afghan for a young girl. She has a great idea to exchange the pattern for a donated square to benefit a charity
  14. heaverinscrochet

    Buckle Hat

    Very nice hat, thanks for sharing the pattern! I can't wait to make one!
  15. heaverinscrochet

    Country Blocks Baby Style

    I love quick and easy afghans, otherwise I never get them finished. Thanks for sharing.