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  1. This is really beautiful! How do you plan to hang them after you're done so that they won't droop or sag in the middle? I've wanted to make some graphgans as wall hangings, but I haven't figured the hanging part out yet!
  2. These are all so awesome!! I love the Delta State one, and my entire family would go crazy over the Packers one!!!!
  3. WOW! Those are really amazing! I love that Jack Russell!! I can't BELIEVE how many graph afghans you've made!!!! They are all so awesome! You must crochet all day!!!!!
  4. Dorothy, I LOVE that Snoopy one! It is so cute, and really big, too!!! Great job on all of them!
  5. Oooh, Teri, those are all really awesome! I love the Muppets, so I'm a big fan of your rendition of them!!! And that tiger butterfly is breathtaking. Great job!!!!!!!
  6. afghan_fan


    That is SO adorable!!!!!! I love it!!
  7. WOW!!!! Those are some AMAZING afghans!! I especially like the closeup one of Taz's face! I love this Spongebob idea, too! Believe it or not, my dad is a major Spongebob fan, and I bet he'd really get a kick out of something like this! Keep the photos coming! I love seeing everyone's graph work!!!
  8. Oooh, I'd love to see photos when it's done!!!
  9. I have seen a few graph afghans from members here in other threads, and I'd love to see more! I have just gotten into graph afghans, and I'm totally hooked! The only one I finished so far is the Bucky Badger, but I am making another one for my other brother right now. I'll post photos when it is further along. Any finished or in-progress graph afghan photos to share?
  10. Thanks for the welcome, everyone!! I'm already amazed at the amount of info and patterns and pictures and......everything!!
  11. Thanks again, everyone, for the nice comments on my afghan! I finished it a couple of days ago, and decided to do a thin white border instead of alternating red and white. It took about 130 hours total, and it covers the top of my full sized bed. I can't wait to give it to my brother for Christmas! Here's the end result:
  12. Yes, I was thinking about something like this last night. Maybe if I did a satin st or something like that along several spots in various rows throughout the afghan it might help? Otherwise I suppose the only other option for real preservation with hanging would be to tightly frame it behind glass...but that would be expensive!!!!!
  13. Thanks again everyone for the nice comments! And it's great to see some other Badger fans here!!! I just finished the blanket late last night--decided to do a thin white border instead of multiple stripes, and I'm really happy with how it turned out! Now I'm working on one for my other brother--it's going to be a Barcelona soccer team logo.
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