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  1. why not just add a few rows thats what I am doing with these afghans amazing how soon it amounts up. even if I add one row,i am happy xx
  2. hello we all playing yarn and hook today got the cribs finished,how you all doing? I am adding more to the afghans for the boys today. added green and red. amazing by adding a little each day how much they grow. :cheer:c9 have a fantastic weekend,I am shopping for yarn tomorrow..yey
  3. hi girls:manyheart how we doing? just on the trim..I am almost half way there. just keeping that completion in mind. cheers for keeping me company. congrats with your dog,a friend to chat to whilst crocheting
  4. cheers kiya I am on a crochet mission tonight,getting creations completed love to all you lovely creative crocheters joy xxx
  5. hi there:cheer:manyheart:hug my first name is joy I sat to work on one project and here I still am I am making mini crocheted cribs .on my last one.they are for a good friend of mine. good luck with your next project peach joy xxx
  6. :cheerI adore this,well created.how long did it take?
  7. very classy,absalutely stunning.great creating,what a great artist you are xx:manyheart:cheer:cheer:cheer
  8. hello hello,and to all others,hope you are all wrapped up warm and cosey,i went to bed with the kids,some crochet and spongebob:manyheart:c9 sat here now beading and lacing my crocheted crib.
  9. orchid

    Red Granny Blanket

    you have inspired me to make simular for me,its gorgeous,i love it...enjoy xxx
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