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  1. C name: Artemis R name: Lartemis
  2. Welcome from another "old girl" in Neenah, WI. Where in the state are you?
  3. artemis

    chemo beanies

    Cupcake: The hats are beautiful, as is everything you put your hook to. These are especially nice because of your thoughtfulness and caring for your friend. I'm sure you lifted her spirits when you gave them to her.
  4. I love that you gave your mom the bag early and that she is already showing it off at work. That makes a true gift of love...when you give the gift when they desire/admire it. The purse is lovely and I know she is proud to show it off. Good work! Thanks for sharing.
  5. See...posting your pictures wasn't so scary! In fact your work is beautiful. I love Margaret Hubert's books too. Wonder what's up with the fiber you used. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Try this site: http://www.healmyhands.com/how_to/bullion_stitch.html
  7. Try Jenny Dowde's books: Freeform Knitting and Crochet and Freeformations. Your library may have them, or go to Barnes and Nobel or other big bookstore and browse. Also check the web. There are several sites that show how to do bullion stitches which may be the wormy look you mention.
  8. Yeah! Another friend from NE Wisconsin. I'm in Neenah. Where are you?
  9. artemis


    Ahh, a boa constrictor! Wonderful. I bet your son loves it!
  10. artemis

    black scarf

    Here is a black scarf I made for my sister for Christmas. I used up the remainder of the Blue Sky Alpaca Silk I had bought for the shawl I made for her 60th birthday. The stitch pattern is asymmetrical shells from Donna Kooler's Crochet Encyclopedia.
  11. artemis

    black bag

    Here is a black bag I made using Paton's Grace. It is similar to one I made for myself several months ago, but this one is for my niece. The pattern is modified from Hooked Bags by Margaret Hubert.
  12. Gina: Sounds like a good plan! Maybe when it gets closer we can PM some information that will help us find each other.
  13. Chelsea: Welcome to Crochetville. Be sure to let us know how things turn out at the Make It with Wool Contest. It sounds exciting! I'm in Neenah, WI. Where are you?
  14. Welcome from Neenah, Wisconsin. Where are you?
  15. That's lovely! The stitch pattern is very interesting and delicate. Nice work and happy giving.
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