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  1. This...is hard to explain. I've been a fan of chainmaille jewelry and armor ever since I first tried the craft back in '04. A couple of years ago I tried to incorporate scale mail (the fish-like scale armor) into my craft, but became frustrated by the process and quickly gave up. A couple of days ago I had an odd thought: what if I tried to incorporate these scales into a crocheted matrix instead of a metal one? Thus began the experimentation...and here is the result. Forgive the photo quality...this was taken from my Blackberry and the flash played havoc with the metal scales. They're actually a very lively purple. Overall I call this experiment a success. I've got my method down pat and it's not too challenging (though it's nothing like beaded crochet), but I need to work on optimizing yarn size and material. Softer yarn yields a nicely floppy result that is perfect for this bracelet, but it's not very armor-like. I might have to go with nylon cord for a stiffer, less movable design. I looked online to see if anyone else had anything to say about marrying crochet with scale mail, but thus far no luck. I may be the first person crazy enough to have tried it.
  2. Hey, I was wondering if anyone here has ever worked with/made hats for the group Knots of Love. I've been looking into charities and this one has caught my eye, seeing as how they donate chemo caps and I know so many cancer survivors. Just curious if anyone has worked with them, has any feedback, that sort of thing. Thanks in advance.
  3. Mostly big box, though I go to my fave LYS when I can (which is rare given the 100+ mile distance ). I do have to say though, there should be a third category for thrift shops. Occasionally I'll go there as well and see what kind of old sweaters I can find and frog.
  4. I have a favorite LYS that caters both to knitters and crocheters. Their selection was amazing and their prices were reasonable (got some fantastic wool blend balls for $2 a piece on clearance). The only problem: it's 130 miles from my house. If I have a special project that requires the more specialized yarns, I will go to the LYS near where I work. It's not bad, and pretty friendly toward crocheters, though the selection does seem to be a bit on the pricey side. Otherwise, I'm usually going to the chain craft stores. I too do a lot of charity crochet, and less expensive yarns allow me to do more.
  5. I should mention that most of the shreds wound up on my floor...I had just vacuumed them up before taking the photo. Rats, at least every one I've dealt with, will chew anything but don't really swallow. I've been keeping an eye on the H-man, but so far no ill effects. But I do appreciate the concern. Had this been our puppy, I would be a LOT more worried.
  6. H is still my favorite little boy...I just have to watch him a LITTLE more closely from now on I started taking the remains apart and so far have come up with a decent sized ball of maroon. I'll probably be able to salvage most of the red and some of the pinks and the outer blue, but I'd have to tie about a million knots in order to make most of the inner colors usable. Admittedly it is kinda fun...because I remember a lot of the other projects that my mom did with those colors. I have a granny square afghan made out of the lavender and mint colors, and my mother made a ton of Christmas stuff in plastic canvas using that red. Good childhood memories. (And I haven't told my mother about the afghan disaster yet...she already dislikes my rodents. )
  7. Definitely both. Sometimes I go in with a specific project and yarns in mind, sometimes I just browse and see what catches my fancy...and I can never resist clearance sales!
  8. This is what can happen when you let pets have the run of the couch... This was all the work of ONE of my rats, my alpha male H. (yeah, his name is a letter ). My late-great Remington slept on this thing on a regular basis when he was alive and never chewed on it. This only took H about two nights. O_o My mother made this scrapghan a good 20+ years ago. <sigh> Ah well...better get the scissors and salvage what yarn I can from this thing...at least I can repurpose it in another project or something...
  9. LOVE that cat afghan! Your 3-year-old is a lucky kid! Ooohhh...I'm going to have to try that color blending technique...
  10. Thanks. Mom really did enjoy it.
  11. I check at least once per day. Posting on the other hand... <sheepish grin>
  12. A 1, 4, and 10 in the teeny hooks, then a B, E, two Gs, H, I, J, K, P, S, and a long I for Tunisian. So I guess that makes 14.
  13. I always wondered how you made plarn. I'll have to try that with my growing mound of grocery bags...Heaven knows we have plenty.
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