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  1. I would do the first option, going back and forth on the side you want longer and then do a small border around it all to finish it up. I have a blanket I made at my office too, our building cant keep the same temp across the office. Good luck! lori
  2. JnL

    Last Name Doily

    That's gorgeous! Thanks for all the advice, I'll talk with her tomorrow and go from there!!! lori
  3. JnL

    Snowflakes Throw

    That is gorgeous! I would like to know where the kit can be purchased too! lori
  4. I have been feeling unmotivated too, and I have a last name doily started for a coworker that I need to finish!
  5. JnL

    Last Name Doily

    Thank you for all of the suggestions! I talked with my co-worker and she said she wants to pay more than $6/letter! lori
  6. JnL

    Last Name Doily

    Thank you for your help! I don't want to do an hourly wage, she said she would pay from the beginning but we never did a price. I do want to cover materials and do a small profit. Right now I am thinking $6/letter, it is 6 letters so $36, would that be a reasonable price? I have made a few before, but they have always been for wedding gifts. Thank you!
  7. I am finishing up making a last name doily for a co-worker, she is going to give it to her sister-in-law for a wedding present. I am trying to figure out how much to charge to crochet it but also how much to do the matting: one, two, or three layers. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you so much! lori
  8. JnL

    Hello :)

    Hi, I have just joined today, looking for some advice. I am currently crocheting a last name doily for a co-worker's sister-in-law, for a wedding gift. I was wondering how much I should charge to make it and also how much to matt it, with one, two, or three layers. Thanks so much! Lori
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