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    I'm a award winning artist, married to my best friend, and certified in auto body and I'm from Arkansas but I live in Oklahoma. I ride a motorcycle and my husband and I have 3 dogs and 2 cats, all rescues...And I raise hedgehogs.
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    art, music, (classic rock), animals, cars, video games, crocheting
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    starving artist
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    baby blankets
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    off &on for about 5 years.
  1. I'm back after many years of being away, along with getting to crochet a little more here and there. ???? Anyways, I got my swap box from Hershery038 yesterday as I was headed out the door...So in-between running here and going there, and the dh work Christmas party thrown into the mix, all in the fashion of a chicken with it's great cut off (bad saying because I don't even eat chicken, lol), I finally got to email my partner telling her I got it, will open it as soon as I got to sit down. Lol I got so many goodies!! A Star Wars cup and mailing labels, because my husband &I was big SW nerds ????. And a beautiful stocking and cute little pot holders (not sure she how I needed new ones, lol). And a pretty dish towels and squares, in a bright perky color, to bring us hope of spring. And a little skean of Christmas joy, I LOVE cotton. And then there's chocolate, who doesn't like chocolate!?...And then there's a beautiful handmade bracelet and Christmas tree earrings. I'm a big obsessor over anything that's handmade! Anyways, I've enjoyed doing very much, and Thanks for the opportunity! Merry Christmas!!
  2. I want to say a big Thank You to my elf from Kentucky, for my Penguin Music Lover pattern.
  3. Thank you to my other elf from Kentucky, for the awesome tam pattern!!
  4. Thanks for my Steller Tam pattern from the awesome elf from Kentucky!! And Thanks to the wonderful elf from Wausau, for giving to the Angel Tree
  5. Wow, this year has flown by. I can't believe it's Christmas time again. 1:: I love this hat.. got it 2:: So cute. 3:: Records, anything from Rock n' Roll 60s-70s to Classic Rock 80s, even Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin. 4:: Do something for someone, either a nursing home, or angel tree. got it 5:: Anything made by you...(love hippie, hippos, frogs, bright colours...) 6:: Anything Harley Davidson...lol :dreaming 7:: He's so stinkin' adorable! 8:: I can dream, can't I? lol 9:: This lil' dude...kinda reminds me, of me. got it 10:: And for everyone to have a Great Christmas!
  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!! I wanted to say Thank You for a beautiful square I got a couple days ago, from Skoggy!! Hope everyone has a great weekend and doesn't eat too much. lol
  7. I got 6, yes I said 6 beautiful squares in the mail yesterday, from Tina & GrannyAnnie!!! Thank you both! I'll get picture's up for everyone later...We have to go to town, to get more party supplies for tomorrow.
  8. I don't think i'll ever get caught up with everything going on this weekend. lol Anyways, I want to say Thank You to two ladies for some really cool squares, I got the other day. The 2 square's are from Katy Allen & the orange one is from Nira. I hope everyone is going to have a Awesome Halloween!! :
  9. It seems like I'm running behind a bit on everything lately. lol I got 3 really cool squares from Smith the other day!! Thank You!! Been tremendously busy planning my birthday party for next weekend. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!
  10. Today was a heck of a day...So I totally forgot to post ()that I got a pretty square in the mail yesterday! From Just Add Glitter!! Thank You! I hope everyone is doing ok?! And enjoying this awesome fall weather.
  11. I got a pretty, pretty square from Mama Kuddles today in the mail. It made my long day better! Thank you! I hope everybody is doing good!!
  12. This is Sue's Hobo Hearts pattern. I love this pattern. I only did 2 rows of hearts instead of 3 but the purse came out really big anyway. I used an H hook and cotton yarn. I love you the way it came out. Just have to finish the lining.
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