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    I love crafting, pets and my family!
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    sewing, sculpting, textiles, pets, music
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    I love things that have practical usage, but I am getting really into toys.
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    Since I was a little kid, but I am recently learning more skills.
  1. I saw in the guidelines that you would like for a person to have posted/responded 30 times prior to seeking testers for a pattern. Is this rule hard and fast? -Megan I am not going to advertise on here or anything, I just made a pattern for the first time and want to see if it is sensical to the intelligent...
  2. I am new to the forum and no one seems to have done a Denton roll call in a few years (since 2007), so Dentonites (or DFW-ites, or North Texans) will you please identify yourselves? It would be great to have friends that know how to crochet. I don't know a soul! -Megan
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