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    I love creating handmade items from the heart.
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    Bergen County, NJ
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    Crochet, Stained Glass (the real stuff), and gardening!
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    Currently: Work for husband at home
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    small & quick, but I usually go larger!
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    To long to answer, but not an expert
  1. I've always been a fan of the mobius, but I especially like the way that you paired it up with a slinky top. Very pretty.
  2. Why that's just purrrfect! Stunning! It sure would fit in my house really well.
  3. Great job Mimi! I know how hard you've been working my friend. Your doing a great job with the Mom's teaching them crochet. I hope they are now making many other things as well. Funny thing is that I purchased this pattern a while ago. I really should make them bugs! They are as adorable as I thought they would be.
  4. Really cute, and very nice job! I really liked that pattern. I wish I had someone to make it for.
  5. I'm glad you posted that link. I watched the show the other day myself, and wanted to make a note to check out the pattern on the show's site. You just reminded me. Thanks!
  6. Don't feel bad~ I received my mystery postcard also. The one saying that they hoped I enjoyed the "free issue". "Free issue"???? I didn't receive mine either, and thought that I was the only one. This post is about the "Interweave Crochet Magazine". I'm glad that I found it. I thought I was going nuts. I'm sure happy that I am not alone!
  7. Karen you never cease to amaze me! Beautiful work~ I can't believe you figured that pattern out.
  8. This is very pretty, and yes very tempting to join in. I have printed out the pattern as I was writing this. Very pretty! Nice Christmas present as well. Maybe for myself! lol
  9. Wow the colors are fabulous! They are my favorites!
  10. Nice yarn, and great job on the shawl. I didn't know there was a revised version. I sure hope that is the one that I printed out.
  11. Great work! I'm sure with a lining it will last much longer as well. Nice contrast. Nice gift!
  12. Ken Jones, as well as the talented "Big Daddy" are both fantastic. I use to hang out in the yarn section a lot when my daughter worked at AC Moore nearby. When the girl that worked in that dept. started to do demos in the front of the yarn all the young boys would pull their Mom's over to learn, and try. I think it is wonderful. The girl that taught would also point out that it is also very good mathematically for kids to learn. I just loved seeing the prides on the Mom's faces that their boys were so curious. There never should have been a double standard for either sex to feel bad about having a great hobby. Hey girls play lots of sports that were once deemed only for boys. Everything is fair in love, and fun!
  13. Kellycat


    hehehe your poor husband!
  14. Kellycat

    Cute Penguin

    Loved the movie, and your penquin!
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