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  1. Square Crow Garland 3 & 4
  2. I still find magazines, leaflets, and books and think its a treasure day because I forgot I had them. However, with the paper patterns I have tried to contain them with binders. They still escape and make new colonies which are only discovered when every so often I think hey I thought I had X pattern and discover a whole colony of patterns that have established themselves outside of binder country.
  3. I love finding missing patterns. I found 2 Halloween patterns yesterday that I was sure I had but weren't where they belonged.
  4. Make Way for Ducklings Mr. Mallard
  5. Make Way For Ducklings Mr. Mallard
  6. I found another house pattern while looking for another Halloween pattern I knew DH had gotten me as a gift. Today we have Mr. Mallard or as DH calls him Papa Duck. Still have 4 more ducklings and Mrs. Mallard to go but I did need a break from ducklings. Make Way for Ducklings Mr. Mallard
  7. Another house done for the village going in the Halloween box. Halloween House 2
  8. Beautiful blankets. Love the colors. The last of the Halloween hot pads. I'm looking at motifs to make these for other holidays. Black Cat Hot Pad
  9. Mona glad you are enjoying the posts. This has been the weirdest summer ever. I'm looking forward to an extended fall. Late winter, early spring. We can all dream. Seriously though I love fall. The cooler temps are so welcome. Not cold but cooler so you can be outside and enjoy it without freezing. Since I haven't been able to go to the beach all summer I'm all for the cool fall weather. I also love the colors so what's not to like. Winter is another story. Not looking forward to the cold weather with the addition of masks and all that.
  10. Thanks for checking on me. I've got a good donation pile and will be checking with the business teacher to find out what will be happening with the donation in October. I want to give them time to wrap their heads around what ever format they finally settle on for school this year. If they aren't going to do the donation, I'm going to ask her for the contact they work with so I can make the donation directly and then hopefully if life returns to normal return to working with the school next year. I have a relation on DH's side with 2 little girls. Since the oldest was born I've been sending little holiday boxes with kid friendly holiday themed crocheted decorations and toys since some parents are concerned about the issues of where the kid friendly holiday store stuff is made. This year I've also been updating some of my own decorations. I've been attacking my stash where I can, but I've also been exploring more online yarn providers as I just don't leave the house very often. DH is a sweet heart and does all the shopping. I never had tons of stuff growing up being from a large family without tons of money but we always had holiday celebrations and you could do lots of things that didn't cost lots of money. I feel for kids today because things that I took for granted for years just aren't allowed now. I understand fully why, but it has to be hard for a child to miss out. So, in my own small way I've been trying to make these holiday boxes a little more fun. I've always had holiday themed books and toys and sometimes decorations but I'm trying to be just a little more creative. I know not everyone is into Halloween, but it was a fun harmless cheap holiday when I was a kid and I loved it. We always managed to have costumes and go trick or treating. The schools still had parties back then. My favorites were dressing up like a book you'd read for class. With that in mind I'm trying to start a Halloween crocheted village for the little ones and finish what I can by the end of this month and then perhaps if life allows make more items to add to it for next year if they like it. I also have a bday box to finish for the youngest who has a bday shortly before Halloween. One year I am determined to get a 4th of July box done. It's the one box I have patterns to make but the timing is always bad. I'm usually in dress making mode for the doll donation as soon as I finish the kids Christmas box and then there is Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Easter and then the oldest one's bday. I always think I'll have time to get to that July 4th box but it has yet to happen. One day perhaps, we will see.
  11. Bailey4

    Treasure Box Toys

    The cradle purses are adorable. Great job on the snake. I actually turned down a request for a snake. That's just how much I can't be near the creatures. Even making one creeps me out but you did a great job. I'm sure it will be loved and likely feared when used on people like me.
  12. Square Crow Garland 2 I've challenged myself this summer and moving into fall because I'm generally not a fan of having to repeat patterns/motifs in a row. I often repeat dress patterns for dolls year after year but until recently when I've tried to make the doll donations more equal I generally donated completely different sets for the dolls to avoid repeats during the same year for variety. This year though I'm determined to finish these projects that require duplicates. Last night I completed two more bodies for the Square Crows and one head that needs a face and hat. So I'm closer to completing the 7 I need for the garland!!!
  13. It's one of the reason I haven't made them all at once. I make one and then move to something else. Thankfully they work up pretty quickly. I'm doing the same thing with the square crow garland, make one then make something else although tonight I'm working on 2 bodies at once then 2 heads, etc. I really want to be able to hang the garland up for the fall season. The humidity has been the real reason for our AC continued use. The temps aren't overwhelming but the humidity makes it so uncomfortable that we often end up turning the AC on early evening even when we haven't had it on in the heat of the day because the humidity has built up in the house and it gets uncomfortable.
  14. Been to the hair dresser twice since they reopened and the protocols are pretty good for keeping it clean and they only have one person in at a time. Not sure how long they can stay in business this way but at least they are seeing some clients. I suspect that gives them some hope of holding on to their business.
  15. Make Way for Ducklings Mack
  16. Make Way for Ducklings Mack
  17. Another duckling done. Next up father duck. I need a break from the ducklings. Make way for Ducklings Mack
  18. Candy Corn Villager
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