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  1. I finished the "cube" for the Activity Farm box. It still needs all the activities for but the assembly was something I'd never tried before so I'm feeling good I got this far. Busy Box Activity Cube Frame
  2. Gingerbread Man Ornament
  3. I mentioned before I've been trying to squeeze the Christmas ornaments in as small projects because they often get pushed to last minute projects. If I had to do this one again I'd use sports cotton instead of thread, but another item off my list. Gingerbread Man Ornament
  4. Pumpkin House I have one more house pattern that doesn't require excessive assembly so after that it will be villagers until I need to ship.
  5. There both great but there is just something about the candy corn colors that I really love.
  6. Square Crow Garland 3 & 4
  7. Square Crow Garland 3 & 4
  8. I still find magazines, leaflets, and books and think its a treasure day because I forgot I had them. However, with the paper patterns I have tried to contain them with binders. They still escape and make new colonies which are only discovered when every so often I think hey I thought I had X pattern and discover a whole colony of patterns that have established themselves outside of binder country.
  9. I love finding missing patterns. I found 2 Halloween patterns yesterday that I was sure I had but weren't where they belonged.
  10. Make Way for Ducklings Mr. Mallard
  11. Make Way For Ducklings Mr. Mallard
  12. I found another house pattern while looking for another Halloween pattern I knew DH had gotten me as a gift. Today we have Mr. Mallard or as DH calls him Papa Duck. Still have 4 more ducklings and Mrs. Mallard to go but I did need a break from ducklings. Make Way for Ducklings Mr. Mallard
  13. Another house done for the village going in the Halloween box. Halloween House 2
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