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  1. Patriot Lots to Love 8" Doll
  2. Most of the time I make stuff for gifts or donation, but I do like holiday decorations for myself. This one was to give me something new for Memorial Day and July 4th. Patriotic 8" Inch Baby Doll
  3. Judy the colors are stunning. I am always blown away by granny blankets as my squares are rarely the same size and sewing them together is just not so fun. Mono those blankets are so pretty. I love seeing people do something different.
  4. One Christmas my much adult sister living away from home decided it was time my Mom and my younger sister and I got our ears pierced. My other adult sister had already had hers done at the time. She bought us all earrings and assured as as she was a nurse she knew what she was doing. She pierced our ears with a sewing machine needle using ice to dull the pain. Didn't dull it much and mine are not placed exactly right to show off earrings. However, due to the childhood experience I've never had the courage to go back and do them over. Mary Jo, like you I do have to make sure every 6 months or so I put earring in or they do start to heal over. Thankfully though I am not sensitive to high end metals. I have developed a preference to wire over backings though. I will wear backings when absolutely necessary but avoid them when possible.
  5. Loved Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans but man Romper Room and that woman's mirror creeped me out for years!!!! Probably why I've avoided Alexa and the like it can all be traced back to that woman and her creepy mirror!!!
  6. Our Generation Skirt and Short Sleeve Sweater
  7. Our Generation Short Sleeve Sweater and Skirt
  8. Our Generation Short Sleeved Sweater and Skirt Spreading out my efforts across different doll projects to keep myself focused. I have no idea why since I am home most of the time during the day anyways, but not getting out at all during the weekends and rarely at night just seems to wear me down. Oddly I think I'd be more rested.
  9. Lots to Love 10" Baby Doll Nightgown
  10. Lots to Love 10" Baby Doll Nightgown
  11. Courtesy of Darski's designs Lots to Love 10" Baby Doll Nightgown
  12. Our Generation Ribbed Effect Skirt and Tank Top
  13. Our Generation Ribbed Effect Skirt and Tank Top
  14. Nothing like finding a pattern you completely forgot. Someday I'll go back and complete the set but for today it is just a nice little top to go with the skirt. Our Generation Ribbed Effect Skirt and Tank Top
  15. I've started seeing pictures of the crochet masks and I just can't imagine they are terribly effective due to a layer that is essentially full of holes and the weight and heat of them. I'd have to agree with Granny Square there are other options available that are far more practical, especially with the weather getting warmer.
  16. Hope your Dad is doing better. Our Generation Pleated Skirt and Sweater My focus is not what it should be but I am pushing myself to finish off projects as suspect there will be lots of families in need this Christmas.
  17. We finally are having some spring weather to enjoy. Got out to see the tulips today. It's been rainy so I haven't been outside much. We had a guy out to estimate some tree work after we had some storm damage last month. Estimate is reasonable, now we just have to get on the schedule. I understand there is a line. Our state continues to extend the lock down so don't know when they will be starting to move towards opening up the state.
  18. I agree with Granny Square. I know even now I try to write down when I've changed a pattern to a different hook size because I will go back to the pattern as written. I have an additional challenge that recently I picked up a different brand of hooks that look the same and the color schemes are different so I may think I'm picking up ... hook and instead I've picked up .... so again size can be off if I don't check that I have the intended hook. My long winded point is that it is easy to switch hook sizes for a variety of reasons. I would play with your hooks to see which one gives you the same size granny. I also have challenges with gauge so what you might want to do is measure and see how big your squares are at certain check point rows so you don't get to the end and realize now I need to frog the whole thing. Instead you know early on you are bigger or smaller than expected.
  19. Lots to Love 10" Doll Romper
  20. Lots to Love 10" Doll Romper
  21. Another one of Darski's Lots to Love 10" Romper
  22. Bailey4

    Pls Help

    Have you tried watching You Tube videos? I find when I'm trying to learn something new in crochet seeing how it is done is sometimes easier than someone describing it to me. There are lots of people that make up close and personal videos so you can see the hook as they are moving it through the stitch so you can see what is happening. You might find that helpful to learn the basics.
  23. Bailey4


    The red section is a summary of what you have completed for this row. If you have completed all the directions you should have 1 hdc, 69 chain 1 spaces, and 69 clusters
  24. I always do this as I don't like the hole left by the chain 2 with multiple stitches in it. I suggest you test it and see what happens.
  25. 18 Inch Doll Ribbed Effect Skirt and Mock Turtleneck Sweater
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