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  1. You know the kids love your donations
  2. I found a Dragon Lovey but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a Dragon themed baby blanket? I've searched Ravelry but didn't see anything, but I went that route for the Dinosaur blanket I'm making now and eventually found one I'd missed there, too so I thought I'd ask here.
  3. Second block is finished and I have the bottom solid section done for the third. Dinosaur square 2
  4. Believe me that's been on my mind as these warm days fly on.
  5. American Girl Mary Maxim Summertime Dress
  6. American Girl Mary Maxim Summertime Dress
  7. I got this kit for my bday and another outfit is ready for the donation. Mary Maxim American Girl Summertime Dress
  8. Found out one of DH's cousin's daughter about to become a Mom this time. Little boy with a dinosaur themed nursery. So, went on the hunt for a dino afghan and finished the first block. Not generally a huge fan of charts or sewing blocks together, but this blanket seemed like a perfect choice. Dinosaur Afghan Block 1
  9. This one is bigger than the 15 inch one I was using previously. It's a little longer and a little bigger in the chest area. I can still use most of my 15 inch patterns I've just had to play with hook size a little. I hate when they price gouge. I try to keep in the $20 range. When it goes higher than that it just isn't feasible for donating.
  10. I'm not sure how it got to be so late in August already but I am starting to feel fall approaching and my fingers are working fast to try to get everything finished. Baby Doll 16" Dress
  11. Darski those are adorable. The colors, the textures, the finishing touches are just amazing.
  12. The detail on those is simply amazing. Wow.
  13. Continuing to try to get some doll donation outfits finished between other items I want to finish too. 18 Inch Doll Nightgown
  14. American Girl Flamenco Dress
  15. American Girl Flamenco Dress
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