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  1. I use mostly acrylic and red and black are 2 colors I'm constantly in need of so that would be cool. I used to find nice finds of the big Car on pounders occasionally. White seems to be a big color around here I buy it when I find it cheap because I use quite a bit of it and I'm always amused at some of the store sale labels as some have been closed since I was in high school. Yet the yarn lives on.
  2. I am so DISAPPOINTED. I've been shopping at AC Moore for my yarn since I learned to crochet over 10 years ago. For years I got my 18" dolls for the donation there. I have bought lots of art supplies for various relatives there the selection was great and the prices were reasonable especially when they had sales. I've never had much luck shopping at Michaels. We will be getting a Hobby Lobby in Jan but I was hoping it would be an addition not a subtraction to the availability of yarn. While I do like Hobby Lobby's yarns they do tend to be a bit pricier than what I was buying at AC Moore. It's hard to see a favorite store go.
  3. I've gotten a little more picky as I'm determined to use what I have or acquire. I saw yarn at a church sale last weekend but walked away with only ribbon to trim doll stuff. None of it was yarn I'd use now I'd have to really search for an appropriate project. That being said at other sales I tended to buy more because it was at least in the ball park of yarn I use for the projects I make.
  4. Finally back to posting more donations. It's been crazy working up to this deadline of presents and donations. I do so love the princess gowns. American Girl Cinderella
  5. I don't think I ever saw the question about Target. Are those the Our Generation dolls? The Walmart ones are closer in price to what I was paying previously. The Our Generation were more expensive. I'm open to any dolls regardless of ethnicity or race. It's a fairly diverse area here so most will be represented in the area.
  6. snowman at freepatterns here. Gingerbread man this one is attached to towel here
  7. Puppy Lovey This went out with the Farm afghan for the baby Things are coming along!!! I finished the snow family yesterday. (There is a dog but I think I may send an update to the baby next year along with the dog to keep the family going. I just don't think I can finish him this year.) I got one arm done and sewn on Humpty. I also started another baby doll outfit. Those are slightly easier on my hands as the crocheting isn't as tight and the hooks larger and the crocheting a bit looser. I'm trying to balance the Christmas gifts with finishing up the donation outfits.
  8. It's been a bit crazy and for the first time in a while my hands are starting to feel it a little. I don't generally have this problem with the doll clothes but the ami's with their tighter stitches and placement and the sewing on of the pieces tends to cause a little more stress. Papa snowman just needs his vest and and scarf and he'll be done so progress is being made. I need to continue on with Humpty and begin on the Red Riding Hood stuff. I'm hoping that without helping out with homeschooling I can get more stuff done starting in Jan and working through the year. This is the last of the big sister items. Button me Up Baby Doll Romper
  9. This has to be one of my favorite of Darski's baby doll outfits. I'd never tried it before but now I think it will become a regular for the donation Peachy Keen Baby Doll
  10. Can't wait to see what you make when you are back to crocheting them again!!!
  11. Baby Doll Sun Set Finished the body of the Father snowman of a family of snowmen I'm making to send for Christmas yesterday. I started a dress for the baby doll donation. Days are going to fast.
  12. I was so excited the baby dolls I use for the doll donation were on sale at Amazon today so I ordered the 2 I need for next year's donation!!! I have never seen them on sale before so I was quite pleased. Now if Walmart will only put their 18 inch dolls on sale next year could be made. 😊
  13. Little Angel Baby Doll Layette
  14. Little Angel Baby Doll Layette
  15. Little Angel Baby Doll Layette Another additional to the doll project. At the moment I find myself splitting between projects as the Christmas mailing/dropoff deadlines approach. I do 10 rows on one project switch out to another project and so forth. It seems to be working and I've finally finished the main items I neglected to finish for the doll diaper bags for the donation. I'm not sure how it got to be this late though. I thought I had been doing so well.
  16. Annabell's Baby Doll Dress
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