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    Treasure Box Toys

    The cradle purses are adorable. Great job on the snake. I actually turned down a request for a snake. That's just how much I can't be near the creatures. Even making one creeps me out but you did a great job. I'm sure it will be loved and likely feared when used on people like me.
  2. Square Crow Garland 2 I've challenged myself this summer and moving into fall because I'm generally not a fan of having to repeat patterns/motifs in a row. I often repeat dress patterns for dolls year after year but until recently when I've tried to make the doll donations more equal I generally donated completely different sets for the dolls to avoid repeats during the same year for variety. This year though I'm determined to finish these projects that require duplicates. Last night I completed two more bodies for the Square Crows and one head that needs a face and hat. So I'm closer to completing the 7 I need for the garland!!!
  3. It's one of the reason I haven't made them all at once. I make one and then move to something else. Thankfully they work up pretty quickly. I'm doing the same thing with the square crow garland, make one then make something else although tonight I'm working on 2 bodies at once then 2 heads, etc. I really want to be able to hang the garland up for the fall season. The humidity has been the real reason for our AC continued use. The temps aren't overwhelming but the humidity makes it so uncomfortable that we often end up turning the AC on early evening even when we haven't had it on in the heat of the day because the humidity has built up in the house and it gets uncomfortable.
  4. Been to the hair dresser twice since they reopened and the protocols are pretty good for keeping it clean and they only have one person in at a time. Not sure how long they can stay in business this way but at least they are seeing some clients. I suspect that gives them some hope of holding on to their business.
  5. Make Way for Ducklings Mack
  6. Make Way for Ducklings Mack
  7. Another duckling done. Next up father duck. I need a break from the ducklings. Make way for Ducklings Mack
  8. Candy Corn Villager
  9. It keeps my mind off other things. A villager for the Halloween Village Candy Corn Villager
  10. I'm much more of a follower than a writer on this thread. This has been a crazy week I left the house twice this week. I can't remember the last time I did that. Physical yesterday and MA primary today. I need to find a way to leave the house more often because I loved going out prior to COVID but no it just seems stressful. Grant it neither places were all that exciting but still shouldn't be stressful. Lynn hope you are feeling better.
  11. Halloween House The first house is finished for the kid's village. I found a free pattern for a one piece gingerbread house that I'm trying to convert to a haunted house. Not sure how it will turn out but so far it has been fun to try to change the pattern from single color to multi colored to make the roof a different color. We will see if I can get it all to work. I have a couple other patterns that might work but not sure I could complete them for this year. They are on my plans to expand the village for them for next year although hopefully by then their fall activities will be back and this will just be an addition to their toys that double as decorations.
  12. Pumpkin Hot Pad Started using these and they are a good size. I'm going to have to find more holiday themed motifs and make more for the rest of the year.
  13. Bailey4

    Spiral Round Ripple

    So pretty!! Love the color blends. This would cheer up a room.
  14. Does it say you should start in 3rd chain of foundation chain? That usually creates first dc stitch and would account for loss of 2 stitches. When you count your stitches this weird looking "stitch" should count as first stitch. Sometimes when I'm struggling with stitch counts I put stitch markers every ten stitches to make counting and checking for mistakes easier.
  15. Make Way for Ducklings Lack
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