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  1. Sheep Finger Puppet
  2. Sheep Finger Puppet Starting to get the last of the birthday/Halloween stuff posted as I work on getting the Thanksgiving box ready to go. Have a Turkey in overalls and a Turkey dinner play food almost completed. Trading off on them to get both finished.
  3. The gloves look nice and warm and I love the colors and the texture of the blanket
  4. Halloween Pumpkin Mice
  5. Halloween Pumpkin Mice
  6. The Halloween box is finally leaving today!!!! Halloween pumpkin mice (although technically I only made one mouse it is the pattern title)
  7. They say the best time to replace if you know you limped through last season and you won't make another is summer. Many of them seem to be looking for the work then, especially if they don't also do AC work. I know we have a standing service appointment at the end of every summer where they come out to service the beast to prep it for winter because they are free and its before they are getting no heat calls as fall approaches and people start to turn the heat back on.
  8. The Ugly Duckling Swan
  9. The Ugly Duckling Swan
  10. I seemed to have gotten on a bird theme for this birthday. The box should arrive today!!!! The Ugly Duckling Swan
  11. Sorry about the heating/cooling unit going. I know what a hassle that can be. We don't have central air but we nursed our heater for several years through many a cold winter because we knew replacing it would be expensive. What ticks me off is right after we replaced it they upgraded their heating "line" so our "new" heater which should be good for 10-15 years is now considered to be out of date. Would have been nice to know when you sold it to us....They still are making the parts for the moment but are greatly complaining about the challenge of getting parts for it. This does not a happy camper make me as we were assured this upgrade would be good for years. There was no mention of this being an older line in fact we bought it because it was supposed to be state of the art for heating efficiency. It does save us money on gas so on that they didn't lie. However, nothing in the price or the sales indicated they'd be closing out this line when we got it.
  12. Puff Stitch perfection is a leisure arts collection of puff stitch blankets found mine this morning don't know if it is the one you are looking for
  13. I'm getting the last of the pictures prepared and posted but the birthday box is in the mail and I'm done crocheting I just need to pack the Halloween box. On to Thanksgiving and Christmas!!! Candy Corn Witch
  14. If it was Leisure arts and it is still in print it should be on the site.
  15. You might want to try some used pattern sites. They often have out of print titles and you may find the one you are looking for that way. Did you buy it online? If so you might be able to check the account orders to see what you bought.
  16. Shady Lane has a series of afghans a rocking horse, teddy bear, and hearts that might be similar to what you are looking for here.
  17. Pig Finger Puppet I still have to download some of the pictures for the project but I am so excited I could dance. DH is taking the Oct birthday box to the Post Office today!!! Halloween should be going out Monday as I'm still working on a few things. I'll be starting on Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!
  18. Busy Baby Box Farm Activity Cube Bottom
  19. Bailey4


    I've used row counters I can't imagine trying to use a stitch counter that would drive me crazy. I've used safety pins for years to count my stitches and when I have long chains or complicated pattern chains I will sometimes lay them out in 10's for ease of counting when I have a long row like for an afghan to make sure I've chained the correct amount. I know some people dislike them because the yarn can get caught but it has worked well for me over the years. (I recently picked up some plastic ones that are closed at the end so there isn't an opening for the yarn to get caught that I haven't tried yet.) Especially when I'm working with dark colors I find when I'm counting long chains I lose count easily. Marking them in rows of 10 just makes it easier for me to keep track of where I am. As I mentioned I will also do this when there are pattern changes that rely on counting because it helps me with counting when there are long rows to keep track of the stitch count.
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