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  1. Dishclothes are one of my destresser projects when I need something calming. I also find they are a great way to learn new stitches, not always as calming. These are very pretty. I love the colors and textures.
  2. Instead of working in the round with a magic circle or adding all your stitches into a chain 2 to start you are working around the chain to start your oval? shape. This means you work into the starting chain and the back side of the chain. Crochet Spot has pictures that explain it here. Basically you will chain 5 and in US terms these would be sc but in UK it is a dc in the second chain from the hook you will dc and then dc in the next 2 When you reach the last chain you will put 3 dc in that one chain This should bring you to the opposite side of your starting chain Working down the opposite side of your starting chain you will make a dc in each of the next 2 stitches and 2 in the last This pattern does not join, some toys do some don't. You will need to mark the first stitch of the next row so you know where you started or you will lose count. Count the stitches you have just made you should now have 10 stitches.
  3. Big Red don't know if you are only interested in free patterns but e-Pattern Central has 5" doll crochet patterns that go on sale frequently that are quite reasonably during the sales. If they aren't on sale when you look they have sales frequently. E-Pattern Itty Bitty Dress Up Patterns Holiday Itty Bitties Itsy Bitsy Babies and their Bassinet Purses Free Patterns: Shell Stitch Dress Free Pattern Central you have to sign up but they have romper here.
  4. I remember trying to learn on my Mom's and it was a nightmare to thread. She seemed to have a relationship with it but it was always a mystery how she threaded the thing. Even in home ec I could sew once someone threaded the machine, but threading it and having to change colors just never happened. My grandmother used to sew with a knee peddle one. The range of machines was amazing there just were never any no need to thread machines.
  5. Pink Seed Stitch Doll Blanket
  6. Pink Seed Stitch Doll Blanket
  7. I could never master the sewing machine. Especially threading it. I think if they could have made a self threader, I might have been OK. I ended last year and started this year with doll blankets again as my "travel" project but with the onset of COVID no more travel and the few times I do, no bringing stuff. However, the blankets have been great for virtual online family meetings and the few online appointments I've had. I've also been using them to clear my mind when I have a problem pattern or if I need a break between patterns. So this is the latest finished one. Pink Seed Stitch Doll Blanket
  8. 18 Inch Doll Dress with Hat
  9. 18" Doll Dress with Hat
  10. I'm still not sure I understand how the ear savers are supposed to work but I think it is great you are providing them for people. This is one of the basic easy dresses for the 18" doll. Something bright for the day. 18" Doll Dress with Hat
  11. Lil Cutesies Teddy Bear Picnic
  12. Lil Cutesies Teddy Bear Picnic
  13. This is a first for this doll. I had to get one after seeing the Mary Maxim pattern. Now I'll have to adapt other patterns to fit her for the donation. Lil Cutesies Teddy Bear Picnic
  14. Just a note when you see [] in a pattern that usually is just a note telling you how many stitches you should have when you are done with the row. It helps you make sure you have completed the row correctly. It may also appear as () So [3] means when you finish the row you should have 3 stitches On to what you need to actually do in Row 1 Chain 2 In second from hook make 3 DC Chain 1 for turning chain and proceed to next row
  15. I've never been able to wear the stuff either although I did buy blush for ami cheeks a while back.
  16. Sometimes when you make the clothing with a lighter or heavier weight it just fits a little differently. That's why you have to play with the yarn. When you've made the doll or in my case you are working with a different model doll than than the one the pattern was designed for your doll isn't going to have it's arms, legs and other extremities in exactly the same place as the person who made the original doll. I've had this challenge when making clothes for animal amigurumi's I never actually crocheted a doll. If you don't match exactly you sometimes have to adapt your clothing to fit the doll you have not the doll the designer worked with originally. You can almost always make it work but you have to watch how the garment is coming together as you make it so you can make those adjustments as needed. For instance I occasionally have to add increases to the underarms to make the arm holes bigger because do to the pattern, my yarn, my gauge, or the doll being a different size (I've had all these issues) the arms aren't big enough to be able to dress and undress the doll easily enough for small hands. It isn't hard to do, but if I wait until the garment is done to try it one I'm going to have to pull out both arms and that is annoying and frustrating.
  17. Others may have a different approach but I've run into people who create patterns only to have the "perfect" obscure yarn they've chosen disappear. In other cases the yarn is far more expensive than yarn I would choose to use for doll projects which are my primary projects. So my free advice for what it is worth is to do a swatch with the yarn you have on hand to see if you can match the swatch in the book (if they give one) by adjusting the hook. I've found over the years that my gauge greatly differs from the designer so I'm constantly having to adjust hook size to get a project to fit. I also often work with patterns which aren't designed quite for the doll I'm making clothes for so I've learned to play with yarn and hook to make it work. If using a different hook size doesn't work then perhaps try a different yarn in your stash to see if it will work. Another suggestion is to try the clothes on as you are making them. For instance when I'm making a shirt or dress I always try it one once the piece has been divided for the arm holes. This tells me immediately if the outfit is too small/large. I can then determine if a larger hook will work or if I need a heavier weight yarn. With bottoms I will try first when the waist is completed and then if making pants when you split to make the legs or with a skirt I check to make sure the stomach fits. I have a few dolls I make clothes for that have protruding stomachs and if I don't check the outfits can be too tight and I have to pull the outfits out and fix.
  18. Our hairdresser has moved several times over the years but she keeps in touch. She actually lives not to far from us so its not like we can't find her to ask her where she's working. If she moves out of this area it will be likely when she and her husband retire. So hopefully we are good until then. Our bigger challenge has been dog groomers they just seem to disappear and they are harder to follow since we don't have the ability to personally connect with the groomers the way we do with our hairdresser. We followed one groomer to 2 places but the last place the owner was very closed lipped about what happened with the groomer and we had no way to find out if she had continued grooming. It was a shame because she was amazing with the girls. We'd have definitely followed her to her new place but the owner of the place was not going to risk losing business I guess.
  19. Bailey4

    BAA sheep

    That is so cute. It would make you smile when you saw the clock every day.
  20. I'm so glad you are getting a chance to get your hair done. Hope the new stylist is good. Fingers crossed we got a call from the hairdresser and they are making plans under the new guidelines to open. It's going to be very different but at least I can get it done if the Governor doesn't have another panic attack and decide we need more time to let our hair grow. I have an appointment made pre-COVID for May 23rd (she books months ahead) and it "might" be possible that they will get to open but I'm not holding my breath. We've been doing the promise one step forward and ordering more restrictions instead game. That being said the practice where DH has his primary and I have a specialist has announced they will be opening by end of month. I haven't heard from my primary. The last notice I got a couple of weeks ago said we were looking at continuing tela health into June. I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't time to switch to DH's primary. The squares make me happy. The colors are so bright and cheerful Kathy. I've been trying to work with brighter colors right now. It does have a positive effect on my mood. Have a good night everyone.
  21. Lots to Love 10 Inch Baby Basket It feels good to be getting some of the basic needs out of the way.
  22. Lots to Love 10 Inch Moses Basket
  23. Lots to Love 10 inch Moses Basket
  24. One question you have to ask when writing a blog related to a business is what is the purpose of the blog? Having one to support your business is legitimate plenty of businesses do it to keep people engaged with their brand. Others do it as a means of connecting with people to make sure they are staying in line with the trends and interests of their clients thus again drawing business but with a more personal connection. I don't have an outside business so I write to connect with others and explore and record my experiences with crafting. I have more freedom because I'm not trying to draw people further into my business. Why am I giving this feedback you may ask? It's because I don't know what you are trying to communicate with your blog. It clearly isn't a train of thought blog where people share what's on their mind, a legit purpose for a blog but it has that feel to it. When you read other bloggers what keeps you coming back to read their blogs? One thing I like is a structured timeline. Instead of featuring every possible post I like to see what's been written recently. If you want to have a sidebar with favorite posts you want people to visit that works to drive traffic there. I like being able to search posts to find topics of interest. Lastly there is a difference between blogging and Instagram and Twitter. You have time and space to share info in a blog post . I really liked the baby blanket post you wrote. While lots of people will post a picture from time to time to fill a post your donut post felt more like something on Instagram rather than an engaging blog post. If you were writing a personal blog like I do no big deal but this is your means of engaging clients what makes them take the time to read that and wonder more about the woman behind the business. Crochet business related blogs I enjoy Planet June, Crochet Spot, Mary Maxim, Adoring Doll Clothes just to give you examples of people who have blogs that support their crochet/craft business. You asked for feedback and free is all mine is worth.
  25. Patriotic Lots to Love 8" Doll
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