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  1. That dog got me out of more "your not leaving this table until your plate is clean" nights than you can imagine. We only ever had one at a time growing up but those Schnauzers would eat just about anything you'd sneak them under the table. They hated dog food. We got quite creative about feeding them off the plate over the years. My second oldest sister complains because they didn't have dogs when she was at that stage and she ended up with some rather challenging cold food issues. She's a very limited eater as an adult. My own dogs almost never get human food, which is rather ir
  2. from Massachusetts!!!
  3. We got the starving kids thing too and the logic escaped me. If they are starving why can't they have the food I don't like. My parents' reactions were no better than yours. While I never said it because I knew what would happen I never stopped thinking the logic was lacking. DH likes brussel sprouts not a favorite of mine. He will steam a package of frozen ones up up from time to time. We tried growing them one year but they didn't make it. Lima beans were my evil childhood veggie. They came in the mixed veggie can and Mom put them in every casserole imaginable. The dogs lear
  4. The lovies are adorable!!! It's so frustrating postage is rising again but as with all things...
  5. Lots to Love 14" Doll Sweater, Footed Pants, and Hat
  6. Lots to Love 14" Doll Sweater, Footie Pants, and Hat
  7. Lot to Love 14" Doll Sweater, Hat, and Footie Pants This has to be one of my favorite fails of the year. The sweater is from Darski's Sweetly pattern for the 10" baby dolls. However, when I made it the fit was perfect for the 14" doll. I added pants and the hat from another 14" pattern I'd made previously making sure to use different colors so the child gets to mix and match outfits.
  8. from Massachusetts!!!
  9. Thank you. What a beautiful gift for their new home!!!
  10. from Massachusetts. There is a section on the forum where you can post questions to get help with your crochet.
  11. from Massachusetts. You'll find people share lots about what they are making.
  12. from Massachusetts!!! I crochet doll clothes to donate to a toy drive every year.
  13. 16" Baby Doll Dress for Summer
  14. 16" Baby Doll Dress for Summer
  15. 16" Baby Doll Dress for Summer I've been making more colorful dresses for this set of dolls this year.
  16. Lots to Love 10" Baby Doll Sweater, Pants, and Booties
  17. Lots to Love 10" Baby Doll Sweater, Pants, and Booties
  18. Lots to Love 10" Baby Doll Sweater, Pants, and Booties This is from Darski's Sweetly set. This first outfit fit perfectly. Having more trouble getting second one to fit to this doll. Working well for other dolls.
  19. from Massachusetts!!!
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