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  1. I've got to kill this sinus infection. I've got a baby blanket and toys I need to finish and some Thanksgiving decorations I'd love to make before starting on the Christmas toys. The last thing I want is to infect them all with my germs!!! Good luck everyone as the final push is on.
  2. Darski I can't believe you are apologizing. You sent a package of dolls and a 2 boxes of dolls clothes and another doll. You went above and beyond the call. Please I am so thrilled by your donation for this year. Please take care of yourself. Your eyes are so important. There will still be kids next year in need of doll clothes and glad that you had a supply put away. I am always so grateful that you are willing to donate your time and talent to the cause.
  3. We lost the older boy, but we have 2 girl Shelties now. I'd love to see pictures some time.
  4. Welcome back. I believe we were swap partners at least once. We have tried to keep the wishlist going, we can always use more people participating.
  5. What a wonderful group of toys to be bringing!!!!
  6. Well that explains it. I guessed fun fur would be the 18" so I guessed wrong I'll fix it.
  7. Thanks again Darski. Your second box arrived yesterday and I spent the morning unpacking it today. What delightful outfits, accessories and a beautiful African American baby doll. She is such a cutie.
  8. Darski thank you so much. The doll clothes are amazing!!! The box was so full it almost burst when I opened it!!! There really aren't words to describe how thrilled I am to be passing on these amazing outfits. The details are always so amazing on your outfits. It is always fun just opening the box and going through them. I don't normally indulge in taking pictures of the individual outfits on the dolls, but it has been a trying day and I decided to indulge myself and took some of pictures of the baby doll outfits on my model of the brand of doll that will be going with the donations. I eventually ran out of time and just had to start taking pictures of the rest. This was the outfit that got me started on taking the pictures. I always check the donations to make sure they fit the dolls we will be sending. It hasn't been a problem, but my theory is if the clothes don't fit I have time to find a doll that will fit the if I check. I don't normally take pictures of the donated outfits on the dolls, but today needed a little fun. Doll accessories. They are nicely sealed so I didn't want to open them. I want to get DH to get picture of this with his camera on the doll it is beautiful. I've seen Barbie doll dresses with hoop skirts but never one for the 18" doll. This is amazing.
  9. What type pattern scarf, shawl, etc.? It would make it easier to track down.
  10. A US Postal box arrived at my house today from Washington and when I opened it doll clothes and blankets burst out. It was such an amazing donation for Aztec Wishes doll donation I've been coordinating.
  11. This is a different way of making an ami rather than making a traditional circle either by using a magic circle or by chaining two and putting all your first stiches into the first chain. I have several ami patterns that use this alternate method. This requires you to use both sides of your chain 6. So you will chain 6 Starting from the second chain in the hook you will make a sc in the next 4 stiches. My suggestion is to mark the first stitch with a piece of yarn or other removable marker. You won't want a knitting marker that will be stitched in. I use safety pins. In the last stitch of the row you will make 3 sc. Now you will be working on the other side of the chain this creates the "round" effect of your ami that is normally achieve by starting with a circle. They want you to put make 3 sc on the opposite side of the starting chain and join with a slip stitch. You will want to separate them out evenly along the other side of the starting chain. You should count and make sure you created 10 sc. The end of the nose facing us is what this is going to look like. Round 2 just has you putting 1 sc in each stitch you created. If you get to round 3 post and we can help you from there.
  12. Darski so sorry about your shower accident. Those can be painful for a while. The doll outfits and baby stuff is beautiful. I've been alternating between doll and family presents. I'm working on another doll outfit now and hope to have it finished over the weekend. I would like to have more time. Then again perhaps it always feels that way.
  13. Mouse and Pumpkin Trying to get my Halloween package ready to mail for the end of the month.
  14. Mouse and Pumpkin Got another item done for my Halloween package while still working on those doll clothes. I have the next dino square started, but it requires a little more concentration than I've been able to dedicate lately so I'll need to come back to it.
  15. American Girl Summertime Outfit 2
  16. American Girl Summertime Outfit 2
  17. American Girl Mickey Mouse Inspired Outfit
  18. American Girl Mickey Mouse Inspired Outfit
  19. Step a way for a few days and the place gets an upgrade. Still trying to balance the doll work with the presents. Mickey inspired 18" Doll outfit
  20. Great table!!! I was fortunate to go to a tiny elementary school less than a block away from my parents house. I could easily walk there and back. Today it is a Senior Center/Community Center and a pool. DH and I work out at the pool. That school was 1-4 when I started no public K. When my sister started 2 years later she was in the first K class. They had an interesting transition school 5-6 that took in all the kids from the 5 elementary schools in town. Not a middle school like you have today, but more of a transition school from elementary to an old fashioned jr. high for 7/8. Our town had a 2 town regional high school for 9-12. There was always something exciting about the first week of school.
  21. Bailey4

    Noahs Ark

    Sadly people do drop their blogs and or stores on the Internet. An 18 inch doll designer I absolutely loved for her fun but simple to make doll designs dropped off the Internet before I got to buy the last of the doll dress patterns I was trying to collect from her shop. For a variety of reasons people stop and they often have no interest in keeping contact with the world that was their customer base.As frustrating as it can be when we want their patterns, when they walk away we can't force them back into the business.
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