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  1. American Girl Skirt and Top
  2. American Girl Skirt and Top
  3. It is a brutal time for any couple to go through and a blessing for you to provide them with burial clothing. I don't know if you are familiar with this woman's blog so I will provide the link, but this has been her mission for a while and she has some very beautiful but easy patterns to make. I've adapted some of her dress patterns for my baby doll project as they are simple to make but look as if they aren't. All her patterns list the gestation period they are designed to fit. Mama that Makes blog
  4. I'm in again working on doll clothes and toys for the local tech high school holiday toy drive Aztec Wishes. I've already got a few outfits put in the bags for next year and will be continuing on through the year. Today I have an example of what happens when you realize you don't have the color you thought you did. American Girl Skirt and Shirt
  5. American Girl Edwardian Outfit American Girl Craft Sale Finds
  6. Farm Cilo Bag Ankylosaurus Amigurumi Pocket Dinosaur
  7. American Girl Edwardian Outfit American Girl Craft Sale Finds Farm Cilo Bag Pocket Dinosaur Ankylosaurus Amigurumi
  8. Got a start on next year's donations with one of Darski's designs 18" Edwardian Outfit
  9. Most definitely. I've already started on next year's donation. Anything would be welcome. Thanks for thinking of this project!!!
  10. This is the last of my Christmas gifts for the year. Farm Cilo Bag I have started on the doll donation stuff for next year so that is a plus. I'm also planning on the holiday boxes for next year as well. I've got to work on my ami skills as they have gotten rusty.
  11. Still working on getting all my pictures posted. So glad my holiday projects are completed and I'm starting on next year's donations and presents. Pocket Dinosaur This was the last of the baby gifts
  12. Absolutely beautiful. I made that a few years back it is a wonderful present!
  13. I would love to be able to shop at your school fair. You always have such delightful items. I'm finally getting my end of year project pictures done. Baby gifts Dinosaur Lovey Ankylosaurus
  14. My Christmas and baby boxes have gone and I'm finally getting stuff posted. Dinosaur Baby Blanket
  15. The Aztec Wishes Donation for 2018 was delivered and I think it was the biggest ever thanks to 7 Crochetville elves. I am still in my happy place after visiting the high school this morning. The kids were amazing. They were so excited by all the stuff we brought, all the stuff you made and the dolls you sent. For those of you who wondered if your doll blankets would be needed as I predicted they were a HUGE hit. They will be used for additional doll and stuffed animal donations. The girls were cast back to their childhood looking at all the baby and 18" doll stuff. I heard so many, "Man I wish I had this when I was a kid." What blew me away was my husband told me one of the upper classmen boys told one of the freshman, "That's the couple that brings the cool stuff every year." Sometimes we wonder if our hand made stuff is understood in this world anymore, but this is evidence that people still do love what we make. We just need to find an audience that wants what we make. I continue to love working with this group because it does reach two groups, the high school kids who organize the stuff to be sent and the children who ultimately get the toys. I spoke to two of the Senior girls who are helping to manage the drive this year and this project means a great deal to them. The kids are amazed at the hand made donations. They look forward to our stuff arriving every year to see what we will bring. You had to see them going through the boxes and the bags and carefully sorting the donations to look at each item. They were thrilled that their donations came from 6 states not including ours (one family member for those who saw my comment about Crochetville elves) and 2 countries outside the US. It is often hard enough to get people to donate locally with so many charities asking for help this time of year, but they have stuff coming in from around the country and internationally. Thanks for doing that for them. I don't have the words to describe their faces or their excitement so you can feel what I felt today, but it brings tears to my eyes as I type this. It was beautiful. They were inspired, excited, and they felt like what they were doing mattered and we can all use that in our lives. So again thank you for bringing that to these kids. That doesn't even cover the kids who get to open up you amazing presents on Christmas. I just want to thank all of you for taking the time to make this such a huge success. My great thanks to all of you who sent stuff. There were plenty of people who couldn't send stuff who answered wish list requests, sent me pattern links and ideas to solve problems, encouragement to keep me going when I was in a tough place. All of that makes this donation work.
  16. There are adorable and will make delightful ornaments.
  17. Bailey4

    Crochet Hook

    If you like the digital aspect of having a counter to track your projects you may want to consider a phone app. I like the old plastic ones, in fact I just put a couple on my Christmas wishlist for DH. With multiple projects going on I like to be able to store the counter with the project. However, I did briefly try out the phone apps available for project counting. I'm not a huge fan of the digital so it didn't work for me, but if you find the cost to be prohibitive you may want to look into a phone app counter. There are some free ones that do the job and if you need something more than a counter there are paid ones that are more projected oriented that track the project.
  18. The doll is amazing. It's funny about dogs and dolls. My now high school great niece came here with her Mom one year for Christmas and we got her one of those baby dolls that smells like powder for Christmas. Our Sheltie Bailey who loved kids totally freaked out. He knew it wasn't alive, but it smelled like powder which he associated with kids. Since the girl was highly imaginative she expected everyone to treat her doll like a baby and he just couldn't quite understand what this thing was and he wanted no part of it. She kept trying to introduce the baby to him and he'd flee in terror. Oddly he and the girls (the female Shelties) have always been curious about the baby dolls and the 18" dolls I use as models but while they will sniff they don't seem frightened just curious. It might be that they don't smell like anything other than rubber and plastic. Also while I put clothes on them, I don't treat them like children.
  19. Halloween Pumpkin Puppy
  20. Halloween Pumpkin Puppy
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