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  1. Christmas Baby Bib I made one of these a couple of years back but in my hurry to get the package out never got a picture. I can't believe I am working on stuff for next year already.
  2. How Frustrating!!!! I never trust myself to put them on so I usually have them done locally. Although I was surprised to find the place at the mall wouldn't do the bigger Kindle DH had to go to Best Buy to buy it and put it on. Wishing you peace as you move forward.
  3. That and a little better arm support and I'm on the order list.
  4. My last Christmas box left Sunday filled mostly with dinosaurs but I did include my mandatory Christmas ornament for little hands that they can't break. Reindeer Ornament
  5. I posted this in the Boxing Day CAL but I know many of you who donate to the doll donation read here not there. Aztec Wishes were all the doll donations go to made the local news here.
  6. Aztec Wishes the place we donate all the doll stuff to made the local newspaper here.
  7. Where did you find that? It looks remarkably comfortable with storage.
  8. Yarn Canada is teaming up with Patons and Bernat yarn to do a giveaway of yarn to charity groups and individuals in the US and Canada. You can apply here.
  9. Yarn Canada teaming up with Bernat and Patons to give away yarn to limited number of charity groups and individuals in US and Canada. You can fill out form here.
  10. I was thrilled to get an email notification that this package arrived safely at its destination yesterday. I've not had the greatest luck with the postal system this year. This package had a bit of a children's literature theme. Humpty Dumpty
  11. Sunny Days Baby Doll Dress
  12. Sunny Days Baby Doll Dress
  13. I discovered a few Darski patterns for this year's donation that I missed before Sunny Baby Doll Dress
  14. Baby Doll Diaper Bag Items
  15. Baby Doll Diaper Bag Items
  16. Baby Doll Diaper Bag Items Was very excited to score a sale on the actual baby dolls. I love being able to get them ahead on sale!!!
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