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  1. I know the feeling about destashing. I've been working really hard at it this year targeting yarn in my stash I don't normally use or has been living here way too long. Sadly, I still have yarn I use constantly and I've also been making projects with yarn I've never used before this year so more yarn keeps coming in despite the really old stuff that has departed.
  2. Busy Baby Box Farm Activity Cube Side 3
  3. Busy Baby Box Farm Activity Cube Side 3 I'm going to be so thrilled when its time to finish the puppets for this!!!
  4. The Ugly Duckling Cygnet
  5. The Ugly Duckling Cygnet
  6. The Ugly Duckling Cygnet Some how this birthday got to have lots of birds. It wasn't planned.
  7. Busy Baby Box Farm Activity Cube Side 2
  8. DH keeps reminding me I need to get at least this box in the mail!! Busy Box Farm Activity Cube Side 2
  9. Make Way for Ducklings Mrs. Mallard
  10. Make Way for Ducklings Mrs. Mallard
  11. I've used yarn sub to look for some cotton yarns that have been hard to locate and had some luck with substitutions. My experience is some of their choices are better/closer than others. You have to research the suggested yarns to see how close they are to what you need. I have found some solutions to yarns I haven't been able to find online.
  12. https://www.crazypatterns.net/en/items/31938/crochet-pattern-pumpkin Sanis-Fitzereien
  13. Poor Pilgrim. When I get these boxes out I'm hoping to make the 8" Pilgrim doll for myself this year. I have to adapt a pattern for a slightly different doll but I think it will work.
  14. Make Way for Ducklings Pack and Quack
  15. Make Way for Ducklings Pack and Quack
  16. I hope it takes some of the sting from missing out on the traditional fall activities away. The ducklings are finally done!!! Make Way for Ducklings Pack and Quack I just need to finish the barn and I have a set of Swans and this bday box is ready to go!!!
  17. Mrs. Witch Another villager has entered Halloween town. Not sure how many more I'll be able to finish as this box really needs to be mailed. However, I do want to make the vampire from this pattern for this year's box.
  18. Scarecrow Villager This Halloween Village is slowly becoming populated. I finished a witch last night to add to it. I'm starting to run out of time but I'm hoping to add the vampire from the set with the witch and Frankenstein.
  19. CONGRATS!!! DH was so excited he woke me up to tell me they'd won.
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