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  1. when you get to the end in order to turn on to the other side of the starting chain you will put 3 sc in the last stitch. This effectively helps turn you on to the other side of the chain without stretching and making a large stitch to get to the other side.
  2. There are two methods types of methods for starting amis one creates a circle either by using a magic circle or crocheting into the chain and closing it. The other creates a more "oval" shape by chaining a certain length and then turning and crocheting completely around both sides of the chain to form a round generally as I said more oval shape for the figure you are making. Unlike substituting the magic circle and the chain two and working your stitches into the first stitch, the pattern formed by working around the whole chain is not easily duplicated using the magic circle. I regularly use the magic circle making amis but if you look at the stitch count for this it is clearly looking to work around the chain. To make it less akward they should tell you to start with a chain 6 not add a chain before you begin the next row. That is just odd. However, if you follow the pattern with starting chain 6 and you work around both sides of the chain adding 2 sc not just one increase in the last chain you will then have 12 stitches as requested.
  3. I agree with Mary Jo sometimes people just want things from the store even when the stuff people make works quite well. It's one of the many reasons I love the local tech high school toy drive for taking all the hand made doll stuff. Other people would take the dolls, if they were boxed but wanted nothing to do with the hand made clothing and accessories. It never made sense to me, but rules are rules.
  4. The generator was the BEST insurance policy we EVER bought. We had the basement flooded years ago because the sump pump being electric stopped pumping when the electricity went out. Not a happy moment so we decided to not just get a generator but have the electrician come and set up a system so we could turn on and off various items in the house that we'd need to run during a shut off. We have the generator serviced every year and we've even taken it out as a precaution on occasion because we had a power dip, but ..... so far the insurance is holding.
  5. Could you adapt Barbie patterns to make them fit? I'd have to go dig them out, but I know I've got a collection of them from years ago making them for my niece. I don't remember shoes but back then I'd have been lucky to finish the dresses, etc as I was just learning to crochet. If you think they'd work I'll look.
  6. Our Generation Teddy Bear Skirt and Top
  7. Our Generation Teddy Bear Skirt and Top
  8. Our Generation Teddy Bear Top and Skirt No actual teddy bears involved this was adapted from a free Build a Bear crochet pattern someone developed. I am always looking for quick separate patterns to make and with a little adaptation this one worked out well.
  9. 18 Inch Doll Summer Sea Shell Dress
  10. 18 Inch Doll Summer Sea Shell Dress
  11. 18 Inch Doll Summer Sea Shell Dress I finally finished off one whole skein of that sock yarn!!!!
  12. You can ask but the answer is often no. They often want to be the source for people who want the item. It doesn't hurt to ask if they have considered selling the pattern because you would be interested in buying it.
  13. Our Generation Dovetailed
  14. Our Generation Dovetailed
  15. Our Generation Dovetailed I've always followed Darski's color scheme for this pattern but I want to make a 2nd one for the my Life so I'm considering changing up the main color. We will see what happens.
  16. 18 inch Doll Cinderella
  17. 18 Inch Doll Cinderella
  18. I did say I'd get back to the more costume outfits for the donation dolls. Sooner rather than later it appears. 18" Doll Cinderella
  19. ChiaGoo makes a Q bamboo hook. I just don't like plastic.
  20. Sorry you couldn't see the rocket with the clouds. I did enjoy the TV coverage. I was glad it got moved to Sat as I missed the original time slot.
  21. My hair feels so much better. It's not like anything fancy can be done with it but it is so thick that trying to self trim isn't as effective as I'd hoped when I previously tried before the hair dressing ban ended.
  22. Thanks for sharing. I'm both looking forward to and a little nervous about tomorrow. It's good to hear that it went well for someone else.
  23. I hope you find your bike soon. I've been exercising more and am hoping at some point to seriously think about getting back into bike riding and using the local bike trails. It's been great as the weather got warmer in March to see all the families getting out with various types of transportation every day from bikes, to wagons, to scooters, trikes, etc. It's good to be in an area where they can get out to ride.
  24. Bailey4


    I agree with Granny Square I learned to make the oval before the magic circle so it seems more natural to me but it is easy to understand why it confuses people. The oval is formed on both sides of the chain which is unusual for crochet. Instead of working in the round with a circle or back and forth you work both sides of the chain to form an oval sort of shape to make your pattern. I did check the math just to make sense because every so often some of the patterns are off. The math works. If you chain 72 and work 70 dc that leaves you with one stitch at the end. Into that stitch you will make 3 dc into one stitch that increases your stitch count and turns you on to the other side or what some call the back side of the chain. You will then work down the back side of the chain completing 69 chains. In the last chain you will add 2 dc completing your first round of the oval. You will likely want to mark your rows with some kind of stitch marker.
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