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  1. Bert the Triceratops
  2. Bert the Triceratops
  3. The other set of Christmas gifts I crocheted this year were for a little boy who loves dinos. Bert the Triceratops
  4. Those are beautiful!!!! My hands got rest over Christmas that was well needed.
  5. Little Red Riding Hood Play Set
  6. Little Red Riding Hood Play Set
  7. I got a little carried away with the Little Red Riding Hood theme but once started .... Little Red Riding Hood Set
  8. Thanks for letting me know I updated link. Not sure what happened but new link seems to work.
  9. The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe
  10. The Old Woman in the Shoe
  11. I went a little literary in the Children's Lit realm this holiday season for my gifting choices. The Old Woman in the Shoe
  12. It's beautiful. I'm so pleased she liked it. It's hard to know with hand made stuff who wears what. I got a beautiful crocheted scarf from my brand new SIL for Christmas. I had no idea she crocheted and knitted.
  13. Little Red Riding Hood Doll
  14. Little Red Riding Hood Baby Doll
  15. I had fun playing with projects right up to my shipping deadline for Christmas this year. I didn't get them all posted as then Christmas hit. Little Red Riding Hood Baby Doll
  16. She's beautiful. It's always a puzzle finding clothes to fit new dolls that haven't had specific patterns written for them.
  17. What a great project to do with your daughter!!!! The hat looms make great hats and its a great way for your daughter to get involved with the project. I still use the blue loom to make doll hats from time to time. I was sad to see Authentic Knitting Board has stopped carrying their padded loom hooks. It made my life easier and over the years I gifted several to others as the padding made using the hooks easier on my hands.
  18. The wreath is adorable!! So glad to see the new thread started.
  19. Well the doll donation marches on. I'm already at work on that. There are some smaller family members who I make toy stuff for through out the year. Also had a request for hand made ornaments for Christmas next year so will be trying to add that to the ones I make for the little ones.
  20. Darski it is wonderful to hear from you. What a thoughtful way to help out. Those girls are going to have some beautiful dolls to play with after that donation!!!
  21. Yeah it was a strange ending to the article. That was my Mom they wrote about in the article. When I get frustrated with my charity projects I remember that something is always better than nothing. When we make and donate it is something that wouldn't have been donated otherwise. We all have more productive years than other years, but each time we do something it is better than when deciding what we do is too little and doing nothing. I'll be moving over to the new thread. This thread inspires me all year but it is always most important when I hit points where no project will seem to work, my hands feel like crochet is torture, or I feel overwhelmed with trying to complete the number of items I'd like to complete vs the reality of what my hands can do. This group always helps me appreciate the value of what I can do, not what I feel I should do and for that I'm always grateful.
  22. I love gifts like that when I can try something I wouldn't normally treat myself for its fun.
  23. He's adorable. The thought of 19 afghans makes my hands cry. I love the idea of the names in the hat and letting everyone pick though. That makes it fun.
  24. Can't wait to see the pictures. I can see the need to rest the hands.
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