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    I've used row counters I can't imagine trying to use a stitch counter that would drive me crazy. I've used safety pins for years to count my stitches and when I have long chains or complicated pattern chains I will sometimes lay them out in 10's for ease of counting when I have a long row like for an afghan to make sure I've chained the correct amount. I know some people dislike them because the yarn can get caught but it has worked well for me over the years. (I recently picked up some plastic ones that are closed at the end so there isn't an opening for the yarn to get caught that I haven't tried yet.) Especially when I'm working with dark colors I find when I'm counting long chains I lose count easily. Marking them in rows of 10 just makes it easier for me to keep track of where I am. As I mentioned I will also do this when there are pattern changes that rely on counting because it helps me with counting when there are long rows to keep track of the stitch count.
  2. Another villager has arrived. Mr. Vampire I'm so close on the farm. I did the bodies for the last 3 finger puppets before I went to bed last night. Hoping to finish them today so I can figure out what type of container needs to be attached to barn and then I can wrap everything and box it and send it. Then I need to finish Halloween box and ship it!!!
  3. The only thing that has ever worked for me at all are the yarn bobbins.
  4. Those are beautiful. What a great way to brighten up a table for fall!!!
  5. Busy Baby Box Farm Activity Cube Side 4
  6. Busy Baby Box Farm Activity Cube Side 4 I remade the basket for this side because I found the chicks and their "safety lines" didn't fit into the original basket and if I can't get them in as an adult I can't expect little hands are going to have more luck.
  7. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Hand Puppet
  9. Well I thought I was going to finish up with the Ugly Duckling but then ... The Very Hungry Caterpillar Hand Puppet Still have a swan wing and several finger puppets for the barn but getting closer to mailing.
  10. I went to Webs today to get yarn for to make a small thing for MIL for Christmas and found the cotton yarn I use for my smaller ami's on clearance and so bought some of that too. Since I was already paying for shipping and the price was right.... That is just the way of things sometimes. I do know the colors I got are ones I'll use frequently and I'll be glad to have them on hand and and so the stash grows.
  11. I know the feeling about destashing. I've been working really hard at it this year targeting yarn in my stash I don't normally use or has been living here way too long. Sadly, I still have yarn I use constantly and I've also been making projects with yarn I've never used before this year so more yarn keeps coming in despite the really old stuff that has departed.
  12. Busy Baby Box Farm Activity Cube Side 3
  13. Busy Baby Box Farm Activity Cube Side 3 I'm going to be so thrilled when its time to finish the puppets for this!!!
  14. The Ugly Duckling Cygnet
  15. The Ugly Duckling Cygnet
  16. The Ugly Duckling Cygnet Some how this birthday got to have lots of birds. It wasn't planned.
  17. Busy Baby Box Farm Activity Cube Side 2
  18. DH keeps reminding me I need to get at least this box in the mail!! Busy Box Farm Activity Cube Side 2
  19. Make Way for Ducklings Mrs. Mallard
  20. Make Way for Ducklings Mrs. Mallard
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