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  1. For some reason I couldn't get the comments to work.
  2. DH took the package to mail this morning. Good luck with your drive.
  3. Location and time are often the reasons I end up not going because there are so few in my area. If you posted one I could attend that would be a huge draw for me.
  4. Scroll down to Baby Toys that's the list I have located to date.
  5. Some of mine are already in the present box.
  6. I tend to be this way too. The choice keeps me interested. Then every so often I just have an urge to whip through and finish and I don't need the distraction of something different. I just want to know what it will look like when it is done.
  7. I finished mine last night. I will pack it up and send it to the PO with DH next week.
  8. There's an old Annie's Attic Fashion Doll Pattern Club for one.
  9. I love watching other crafters at work. I may never do it, but it doesn't mean you can't appreciate it. My Mom knits and I crochet. I am always sending her patterns/books to make stuff for grandkids, donations, etc. I get excited when I find something new for her to try that I know she'll love. I never understood why there is such an attitude one way or another.
  10. I've been collecting some of their old pattern club cards for dolls, etc. I really wish they would go back to doing those. I don't need the yarn, but I would be interested in the pattern clubs.
  11. I will say the author missed the toy trend. One of my reasons for learning crochet was my friends all had cool doll clothes and my Mom had no knit patterns for my dolls. Since she couldn't crochet it meant limited outfits. I started crocheting to make doll's clothes for my nieces' Barbies and their 18" dolls. Later I moved into making Amigurumi's and other types of toys. I doubt many people would classify those as "practical" projects. Although at the cost of buying the 18" clothes there is a significant cost savings. I have made some practical items for the house, but few clothing items. Based on the number of Amigurumi patterns being produced, I can't imagine the focus is only on items for the home with a practical use.
  12. Great suggestion. I had a baby blanket that called for one. That is the only time I have needed one.
  13. Great suggestion. I have found other patterns by doing a search for the pattern name. Sometimes the owner of the pattern sells the pattern in on another site. That is how I first found out about Maggie's.
  14. Kids Learn to Crochet Lucinda Guy Crocheting Kids Can Do It I got both of these from the library and found them very helpful. I know our library still has both and they are often available at used sites for more reasonable prices than Amazon is showing if you decide to buy later. I also used the Knitting books and while never became great at knitting, I still bought the books for people who found them helpful.
  15. Happy Independence Day
  16. I found cotton dishcloths were easy to start with, practical, and a great way to learn stitches. There are lots of free patterns available to try.
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